iPhone and Google Voice?

I have no iPhone experience at all, with the exception of an old 5S hand-me-down that doesn't have active service anywhere..

I use Google Voice as my primary outward-facing phone number. I have several active (Android) phones, and move between them depending on network need,, balancing usage on small plans, taking advantage of short-term promo plans etc. I'm pretty familiar with using Google Voice on Android for this application.

I'll soon have an iPhone SE (2020) available. I'm hoping for some thoughts about whether I'll be able to use Google Voice in the same way, and possible limitations or stumbling blocks.

Thanks for any help!


Google voice is limited to the gv app in ios so you lose the integration with the main dialer etc. So basically will work like a voip line only. Still decent but not the android experience.

While you do lose the native dialer integration and calls initiated from the GV app will require that you "dial" the random number assigned when calling out (unless you are using data for your call), I find that everything else works as it normally does on Android. Like mmfacemm said "Still decent but not the android experience.".

OK, I basically understand (now) the limitations of outbound calling via GV on an iPhone.

So I have Google Voice (on Android) set to forward calls from my GV # to my cellular number:
Is this still possible on an iPhone, and incoming calls arrive via cellular voice?

If incoming calls can only be through VoIP, does an iPhone do a better job of reliably ringing on incoming calls than Android does?

You can forward GV to your iPhone number. Inbound pretty much works the same on iPhone as it does on Android.

Outbound GV calls can be initiated using the native iOS Contacts app or the Contacts tab of the native iOS Phone app. Outbound calls initiated this way will complete using the GV app. Calls made using the GV app will appear in the native iOS Phone apps call history. This behavior is the result of Apple's CallKit API's. The iOS GV app is CallKit compliant but the experience still isn't as elegant as the GV experience on Android.

Thanks, everyone! It sounds like I can live with this. I don't expect the iPhone to become my primary phone/line, but I do like the idea of having an eSim device available.

This is something new to me and did not even notice the feature was there. I tried it just a few minutes ago. Thanks for sharing!