iPhone 8 launch sad

Guess our phones are so good now that even Apple is having problem getting people to get excited on product launch date. Was just at Apple Store for another issue, very few people at the Apple Store...

The Apple store near me was packed. I was wondering what everyone was doing there. Around here, having an iPhone is already mandatory.

They really need to think of something exciting to get the buzz going again.

Silent mode/buzz is already a feature...

How about the ability to use one's $1.000 phone as a desktop PC? Ubuntu was on that path, but seems to given up on it, and M$ was trying to do that with its Windows phone, but seems to have gotten side tracked. And Samsung seems to have done it with its latest phone, but there does not seem to be much hubbub about it. For, $1,000, having both a great phone and a Desktop PC would be buzz valuable to me.

mandatory for???