International / travel Data?

Was looking at Vegolink & Dent for international data.
Vegolink seems pretty well priced??

Also ancillary to having a few services on eSIM I found this interesting

I know that a few posters here have mentioned other data providers in scattered posts but not finding anything searching around.

Starting this in hopes of consolidating any knowledge & suggestions re providers/services for data packages for traveling internationally or even just USA. As more phones sold in USA by the major brands are dual / eSIM, now trickling down to midrange models, these services also become more seamless & convenient to use.

So, if you've used one you liked, saw one that looked like a good deal please share your experience (good or bad) & knowledge for travelers needing data.

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My primary number is on T-Mobile and international seems to be included and available practically everywhere (except Jamaica, last time I checked).

Whatever I am I just turn on my phone and the data is there at no extra charge.


Yes, the traditional big three MNOs all seem to offer some level of overseas data services depending on plan, T-mo may be the most straightforward. Quite a few people mention this feature as a reason they stay with Fi also.

Not opposed to the discussion of it as part of a full service plan IF it is cheap and available (not a grandfathered plan) and not a multi-line/family plan.
BUT I was really looking at it as a separate service

BTW Chelle, ever find anything as good as ustvgo replacement?

I use a T-Mobile $10/mo (grandfathered) business data only line, with 5GB/mo of high speed data in 13 countries, and unlimited 256Kbps in 210 countries, along with Google Voice for calls and texts, which meets my needs.

But I also like to have backup. I have eSIMs installed from Eskimo, Red Bull Mobile, and Dent.

I got 1GB free with 1 year expiration for free from Eskimo when I signed up. I think that deal is over, but they now give 1GB with any purchase.

I got 100MB free from Red Bull when I signed up, and was able to add TRAVELDEALZ code for another 1GB, and all data expires in TWO years.

Dent took back data provided for watching ads and doing other money-earning activities, so I'll never give them any actual money

I've also used a Keepgo European data eSIM for my wife's phone when we went to Europe earlier this year. That data is good for a year, and can be extended with as little as $3/year.

We might be going to Jamaica next year. My T-Mobile data plan will get 256Kbps data there, which is good enough for me, but I'll need to decide which eSIM to get for my wife's phone for that trip.

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I think Jamaica is now included, at least data, based on what I see at

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Nice! Thanks for the info!

Any experience/comments?


I just did a quick check, and it looks like Keepgo might be the only option for Jamaica out of the 3 eSIM that I or my wife have used so far (I didn't check Dent, since I'm avoiding them due to what I posted above). Unfortunately, Keepgo doesn't have an app, so it's a little more difficult to use. I'll keep looking, if we do end up booking the trip.

People on HoFo are reporting that the 1GB free with no purchase necessary is still working.

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Do any (many?) of the brands listed here look familiar to those who have used various international data plans?

I used Instabridge in October in Taiwan. Worked well if you have eSIM AND an unlocked phone. I used a Pixel 7 Pro from Mint, the annual plan of which still had ~8 days left.

My sister who was with me had an AT&T iPhone that was on an AT&T plan, and she could not install the Instabridge eSIM after buying it.

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