One of my kid's birthday is coming up and we've decided to buy them an iMac.

Any tips on where I could get a deal on one? Especially with black Friday coming up.

I'd definitely want one with a Fusion drive and 4k / 5k screen resolution. I'm going to take them to Best Buy and see if I can figure out if they think the 27 inch screen is that much better.

Not any specific deal, but if you have good credit, take a look at $150 cash back on $500 purchase and possibly even a year of 0% interest - just make minimum payments then pay off on final 0% payment period.

That's a great point! Worth getting a credit card with a spending requirement and use it just the once.

My Discover card is currently giving 10% cashback at Amazon and Target. The quarterly maximum spend is $1500 which is in the ballpark of what I'll be spending on this.

But it looks like the Wells Fargo and Barclays cards will give me $200 cashback and let me shop wherever I want.

Yes, and they may even open more accounts for you... talk about enhanced services! :silly: