I'm so Blu !!!

(Well, not really blue - more like irritated.)
This can either be funny, or sad - not quite sure which.
I've mentioned elsewhere how I will never buy another Blu device...
Here is a bit of info in case others may wish to consider it.

We have gotten 2 devices made by Blu - a used one from C7, and a brand new one via Amazon or the like.
The used one has a bad charging socket, and fortunately was no problem to return.
The new one was placed into use as a BYOD for AT&T based services via TF.

It was not a very impressive experience from the start, being as its decent pricing seemed to revolve around that it was hot pink - so I got it a nice purple skin to keep it from hurting anyone's eyes too much.

It had horrible battery life if left running on a car trip, for example - and worse still - consumed so much power upon starting that trying to 'save' battery level by only keeping it on as needed was a zero-sum game.

It was a dual-SIM model, but even with a FP SIM in the 2nd slot set to data only, it would never work worth bothering with that feature.

Several months later it became REALLY strange & fussy - randomly freezing, rebooting & shutting down.
It became so very annoying that I removed its SIM - transferred that service to a nice LG phone, and stuck it someplace that I didn't have to look at the ugly thing anymore.
(This was after trying to get warranty support, which was just a waste of time & efforts.)

Just lately I wanted to re-check its Android version as I was considering it for use with CN (if possible) or just as a weather/clock for our bathroom.
Silly, silly me.
It no longer even boots up - just flashes through the bootscreen over & over, and even when trying to boot it into recovery doesn't work.

So - ultimately - what IS this Blu thing any good for ?!?
Well, I have been using a keyboard with one riser leg missing, and since the Blu thing has that skin on it, it makes a dandy KB riser leg replacement - and that is about ALL it may be good for.

Is this intended as a swat aimed at Blu ??
Yep, sho nuff.
Buying an unlocked phone brand new - even if it was just ~$70 should not be this disappointing, and comparing it with the smaller screened LG phone is not even possible, it is like they are from totally different universes, with the Bluniverse being one of pure evil.
Lesson learned.

Funny thing.... I may have that same hot pink BLU phone. I got mine a little cheaper, though, so mine may be an even more questionable model, but it continues working nearly as well as the day I got it. (Faint praise, that.) .

But.. I've gotten lots of enjoyment out of the little phone, mostly from the look of confusion when I call it my BLU phone, and everyone can see it's pink. I'd never put a cover on it, unless it was shocking purple or lime green. If it hurts people's eyes & offends the sensibilities of those who prefer bland colors, at least it does something well, and I wouldn't want to take that accomplishment away from it.

Very cute - thanks KentE !!
For me it is preferred to get a cushy 'skin' for my phone such that when (not -if-) my fingers fumble it, it may have a better chance of surviving.