I'm looking for a multi SIM setup recommendations

I've been using FreeUp for a month now. In fact my free account has just renewed. I would like to set two accounts to work the way @Chelle mentioned in another thread:

"...FreeUp also lets you share your earnings, so a good setup is to get two SIMs, earn 50¢/day on each (in, literally, one minute), and periodically move the earnings from phone 2 to phone 1. Keep phone 2 on the free plan and put phone 1 on a paid plan...",

and I'm looking for an advice on how to do it? I wanted to transition my now free line, to a paid one, and open a new line - free (phone number preferences). I know that there is a restriction on one free line per person/account, ...and I see $9.95 SIM card on Amazon with $10 airtime bonus. Do I put the new line on the same account/email? Any tips? TIA

New account/email. Keep them separate.

You'll need to install the app on a phone to transfer $ from the free account to the paid one. There is a transfer option in the app. You just enter in the freeup phone number you want to recieive the $ and the amount and it transfers. It was instant for me.

Other than that it is pretty straightforward.

Thanks @mmfacemm! Do you know/think, if the $10 airtime bonus I mentioned earlier is transferable?

@ceka, My family also has 2 FreeUP lines on different accounts. (And 2 real users.)
I asked FreeUP CS about 2 lines on 1 account, versus 2 lines on 2 accounts. The reply was that either was acceptable, either would allow rewards sharing between the 2 lines, and it was primarily a matter of customer preference for account management. I opted for 2 accounts, 2 emails, just because of experience with other providers where that ended up being better.

Re: 1 person/1 line: I suspect FreeUP is more concerned with the possibility of one person milking multiple free plans with minimal rewards earnings, than they are about a customer maximizing earnings on 2 lines and sharing the rewards.

Since you log in to the app with the phone line credentials, there's no problem managing both phones from a single instance of the app loaded on one phone.

The Amazon listing you noticed mentioning the $10 airtime bonus may not be what you expect. (Fulfilled by Amazon, but sold by a 3rd party vendor.) It may be referring to the old earn-$10-and-get-$10-bonus plan, which has apparently been discontinued by FreeUP. (I see one of the reviews on the Amazon listing mention it's the $10 match, but that review is pretty old. and may not have been a purchase from the same 3rd-party vendor as the current listing......)
Or it may come with the first month of the $10 plan pre-loaded. (There is another vendor out there doing this via their direct website.) If that's the case, be aware that it probably would not be possible to 'downgrade' to the free plan from there.

Thanks @KentE! I appreciate the details :slight_smile:

Yes sorry dont know about that $10. Depends if it is preloaded as a plan or just added to the account or something else entirely.