IHOb ??

I just learned today the IHOP is changing it name to IHOb, a change that is getting the company a lot of attention, for free. Speculation abounds on the internet about what that small "b" stands for, which I thought might be for "batter", but my more sensible wife thought it might stand for "breakfast", yet it could likely be "brunch". Maybe "burps". "berries".

Expanding to serve Hobo's?

International House of blueberries

Well, my guess is that since the "b" that replaces the "P" looks an awful lot like the "P" if it got turned upside down, it might have something to do with either updating their menus to include more upside down cakes -- or -- they are expanding their reach in Australia, the inverted "P" representing a tribute to being more ubiquitous Down Under.

Sorry to not be more definitive one way or the other, but at least I'm not waffling.