If you could go back in time

......... would you still sign up for CellNUVO?

I'm fine with my decision but I pretty much just text.

The ads don't really get along w my Android -- I might as well delete the app. There was a thread back when RingPlus died, a conga line for referrals. The one who used mine had to have swiped like crazy, is my best guess.

i will but would not swipe so often... oh i have 300 golds in my ass.

No. I should've ported to Tello from Ting instead of CellNuvo.

Although it is annoying and made your finger tired. It cost you nothing monetary.

The time you spent. You chose. So you must of calculated the risk/reward

I know I did.

Someone reported they got topup this weekend.

So why do that if they closing.

Although for many of it seems little difference

When I went for r+ I never did m+
It was too risky for $180

For me I Spent what comes to $1.89 per month for the small topup I gave.

Even with r+ I do not feel cheated.

Plus I got and learned so much from you guys. I would never have tpo And hungry ghost told me about google options. I got $45 play money.

I got hangouts because of people here

Over all i feel lucky I found r+

Not counting the online friends I made.

Sure, I would have still signed up for CellNuvo. I would have signed up earlier than I did, and gotten several additional months of trouble-free service before now.
As a matter of fact, if I could go back a little further in time, I'd have signed up for CellNuvo well before the demise of RingPlus, and had a year or more of troublefree backup service, which would have saved me at least $90 over the backup that I did maintain while at R+. (Even if I paid cash instead of swiping.)

Disclaimer: I am a CellNuvo customer, and I hope they can get through this & succeed. No rancor from me if they don't-- it's still been a good experience. CellNuvo is not my primary line, and did not hold my 'prime' number. I might have considered locating a prime number there after my earlier pleasant experience, and may consider that possibility again if CN gets fully back on their feet.