If you are running anything other than 3.15 you probably should upgrade

Got my account disabled temporarily for being on v3.0 and it took several days to get it sorted out. CN made me upgrade to the latest v3.15 to get it unblocked. Others I know had to do the same so heads up. Upgrade or take the chance of being disabled for a few days.

Well, let's just saying having your account disabled the last few days had literally zero impact on your point earning.

Well, darn-- I just downgraded to version 3.0 on a phone this weekend, to see if it worked better than 3.15 (very balky on this particular phone.) Too early for me to have definitive results about working better, and apparently too late to matter if it does work better.....

They have access to this forum. Why not make an announcement?

What happened to the new app that was supposed to be coming out?

I was told soon. Whatever that means