If there were a free EV giveaway...

Which one would you get?

2017 Chevy Bolt 235 mile range
2018 Nissan Leaf 200 mile range
2018 Tesla Model 3 215 mile range

which one has the 400 range

The Tesla---then sell it, buy a Bolt, and pocket the difference. Or would there be a difference?:slight_smile:

I was thinking the same way--take the most expensive one and then there might be an option to swap to a less expensive model and pocket the difference.

While I did not check prices exhaustively, a quick look suggests it probably would not work as a financial transaction--the costs are too high. So the bottom line would be to pick the one you really like.

If you are lucky enough to get one as a giveaway, make sure it is labeled a gift--otherwise, Uncle Sam will want his cut.:frowning:

I did not really check out the prices, and wrongly assumed that the Tesla would be the more expensive of the lot. If one does not consider the prices, I would probably still go for the Tesla, for I have a hunch, even though it's a newer Tesla model, that it would have better support and reliability. But if you had included the 2017 Chevy Volt in the free giveaway list, I would have chosen it over the other vehicles because there would be zero range anxiety, and just a wee bit of guilt about the environment.That darn Uncle Sam is everywhere.


Tesla 3 $35K est
Bolt $39,439 (Truecars)

Not asking how you can scam the system... asking which car you would want to drive.


I think Tesla is overpriced.