If the price was right

Hello all,
It was depressing when 4GC came to a close. Subsequently, it is good to see various posters upload alternatives to their plan model. As for myself I do not believe that anything on the sprint spectrum, MVNO or directly, is "the right price". Ergo, if anyone wants my old hotspot from that service, if it could be used for FP or other alternatives, I would be happy to send it to them maybe with reimbursement of shipping it. Just let me know.

I'm interested - what device is it?

Netgear AirCard 779S

If you still have it, I'm interested.

Once I get all the stuff sorted out of resetting it and prepping it for a new service sure

Keep me posted.

3 days and no response from 4GC about getting the MSL for resetting the device properly... This may be a lost cause but I will wait a bit longer.

Thanks for the update. Keep me posted, k?

How about getting in line. :blink:

Get in line for what? sovashadow is just giving updates. Geeeez.

The aircard?

It seems you are not aware that customarily the first to express interest is first in line. Unless Sovashadow decides otherwise.

Goodness gracious man. When/if the unit becomes available you can have it. You really need to chill, dude. It's all yours.

Sovashadow, I'm no longer interested in the device. Sorry, too much drama. Thanks anyway.

Very melodramatic exit.

In light of recent news, I think this picture speaks for itself as far as an update is concerned...