Idea for those with multiple accounts

We have 5 CellNuvo accounts in the family. I am maintaining the main 2 accounts with 1 being on my daily use phone and 1 on a spare phone. The others are on the daily use phones of the rest of the family plus 1 more spare that has no cell service now.

I recently came across some apps that are supposed to let us run multiple separate copies of apps with each having their own login accounts. I finally decided to try one and so far it works flawlessly for running the 2 CellNuvo accounts that I maintain on my daily use phone at the same time.

Now instead of swiping on one phone to get the first 20 for the daily Split-The-Pot drawing then switching to the other phone I do both on one phone.

If any of you want to try it out just do a search for "Parallel Space" in the Google Play Store. They have a few different versions of the app but I am using the one called "Parallel Space - Multiple accounts & Two face" so I can't say whether or not that any of the other versions will work the same. Here is a direct link to the one that I am using but you may want to look at the others also.
Parallel Space - Multiple accounts & Two face

There are other apps in the play store for the same purpose but this is the only one that I have tried so far. Since it seems to work I may or may not try some of the others.

Hopefully CellNuvo doesn't have a problem with users using a work around to have multiple accounts on one phone. I can't think of any reason why they would care.

I have no connection whatsoever with the developers of this app. I am just a happy user.

Island is another that works well.

Is this the one? Island App On Google Play

If so, I just installed it and will check it out later today. I think I'll check out some of the other such apps and settle on the one that I like best.

I think it would be a good idea to ask cellnuvo support before doing this. With them talking about "abuse" recently I would recommend getting clearance for anything with even a slight chance they could misunderstand.

You can always simply set up another user on your phone. You get a blank setup and can install a fresh instnace of cellnuvo as the second user. You can switch pretty quickly between users too. Probably depends on the android version whether this is available. The second user would not be linked to the first eg a separate google ad id (i think) so it is more like a totally separate account.

I think too cellnuvo would rather you use swipir as a second account if you want 2 on one phone so the other option is to wind down your second cellnuvo account and start a swipir one.

Island and Parallel do the same thing you suggested only via an app. Operationally, there is no difference other than it's done via an app. There's been no evidence of "abuse" and IMO permission from CN to use an app offered in the Play Store is highly unnecessary.

Yes. That's the one.

I agree that CellNuvo really shouldn't care. I have no plans to go ask them as I don't think it is necessary

Great. I'm about ready to set down and check it out.