I switched to Freedompop

I wasn't getting good coverage with Sprint. I couldn't even get consistent coverage at my home

So I switched to AT&T with Freedompop. Now I get better coverage

Free phone service with AT&T. you can't beat that

Well I wouldn't call it phone service since you don't have cellular calls. But yes free LTE data is nice. Grab yourself a dual sim phone and you have a nice cheap gsm option. Some people don't mind the 100% voip though so you may be one of those!

I hope we will see GSM service from cellnuvo in 2017. I can dream.

I vote tmobile

tmobile is good deal if you have more than 3 lines.
If you have only 1 line, tmobile is very expensive.

I think lexusl21 meant that he/she would prefer the T-Mobile network for Nuvo GSM.

yes I am hoping for it on Cellnuvo. The tmobile is much better coverage for me and where I travel to.