I hope they wear masks from now on

For the life of me (and I might mean that literally), I can't understand the attitude of the Trump administration, and a significant percentage of Republican lawmakers throughout the country to ignore the most basic precautions we can all take.

Doesn't even matter whether you think masks are effective or not: it's obvious that a large part of the population does believe it helps, and makes sacrifices to at least do the most basic things to protect themselves & each other.

Refusing to follow any recommended guidelines, and to be sensitive to the concerns of those around you, doesn't just say "I don't think masks work". It says "I don't care whether you think masks work, and I don't care about respecting your concerns about safety", and "my intolerance for the slightest discomfort is more important than your concerns about health and safety".

This is especially telling when you're talking about politicians, who usually attempt to offend no voter, if possible.

They obediently serve the wishes of their dear leader.

It is a herd mentality.

Btw, Ivanka, Eric and Lara looked guilty after taking their masks off. It is as if they knew it was wrong but had been instructed to do it.

Don Jr is too coked up to care. Tiffany is just happy to be literally front and center after being ignored for so long and Melania has already psychologically compartmentalized Trump's desires.

His family members will never contradict Don the Conhim for fear of being disinherited.

Others are acting like idiots because they are afraid to cross the wannabe mob-boss/dictator and get attacked on Twitter. What The Con believed in covid or masks was never not based on any logic or scientific reasoning because obviously, he is too lazy to ever read anything.

The Con never admits to being mistaken on anything. In fact, he will double-down and keep repeating lies until you think that is the truth. Once The Con began downplaying the virus to protect the stock market and his re-election chances, the course was set. Don the Con was going to do everything to de-legitimize the virus.

Because The Con did not give a crap about others, 200,000 American lives were lost because they were just not as important as him being re-elected. Yet, this con man somehow still has supporters.

Trump, his inner circle and the GOP consider that any admittance that they were in any way wrong about coronavirus will depress their votes. Remember, people are voting early and mailing in ballots all the way up to election day.

So they will try to portray any safety measure requests by Democrats as weakness. We are seeing that already with the Harris Pence debate "pre game".

More importantly, they are, and will continue to, portray that Trump is perfectly fine. So they are already saying he will be at the next debate.

Trump will do anything to not lose because he is certain to go to prison if he does lose.

These games, voter suppression, a coup attempt through not certifying results in swing states are all in play.

Bleach worked?

Before he was diagnosed, Trump said he didn't have to wear a mask to protect others because he was tested every day and didn't have it.

Today, while shedding coronavirus every time he breathes, he went back to the White House, removed his mask, and then called up a photographer to stand right next him to take photos. Then, still without a mask, he went inside, where there were several people. These people were in regular masks, not in PPE.

Trump lies about everything and cares about nobody else.

And the people around him and the GOP are complicit. Do not forget that it was not the White House that announced Hope Hicks was infected. A reporter broke the news. It is very possible that if that news had not been broken, Trump would gone around infecting more people.

OMG, Trump came back out without a mask and with a camera crew to reshoot his entrance into the White House so he likes how it looks.

Kind of makes sense because he was gasping for air the first time.

Don the Con also has somewhere between 400 million and 1 billion dollars in personal loans due in 2 years. Him being president has been beneficial as those who want political favors are doing business with his properties. Citizens for Ethics lists 3403 conflicts of interest in 1341 days of office. How is this even allowed? With The Con not being reelected, it will be tough for him to stay above water financially unless partners with some corrupt entity.

Losing will also hurt his ego which is just as humiliating to him as going to jail and seeing his wealth disappear.

Don the Con sees the numbers. There are more registered Democrats than Republicans. He has to somehow reduce the amount of people voting by intimidation, taking away ballot boxes, delaying the mail, threatening to sue, finding ways to get corrupt local officials to override their results, and whatever else he can think of in the next 30 days. He knows that he has zero chance of ever winning a popular vote, so he has to somehow manipulate the electoral college.

I am hoping it comes down to him losing because he cannot win on just the support of racists.

Well said and explained.

You asked: How is this even allowed?

  1. GOP that cares about nothing else but power
  2. Barr who was as corrupt as needed by the GOP when he was AG the first time
  3. Failure by the FBI thanks to Rosenstein and Mueller, both Republicans
  4. Failure of state and federal politicians, authorities eg state tax and federal IRS as well as law enforcement during Trump's entire criminal career

We need some serious changes next year because Trump has inspired a whole generation of GOP criminals and grifters.

It would be justice to see Don the Con lose the election and be reduced to a nobody when he cannot repay his outstanding loans and is forced to declare bankruptcy. Then, whatever remains in his bank account is used up on legal fees to defend himself from going to prison. Of course if all that happens, his family name will be so tarnished that nobody would have anything to do with them. The whole family would then either change their name to and remain anonymous in America or move to Russia and be treated as heroes over there.

If they stay in America, it would also be fitting if Don the Felon somehow lost his lifetime Secret Service protection so us ordinary folks could react to him if we ever saw him in public.

OK, now it's starting to sound like him catching COVID-19 was a hoax after all. #METOO for several staffers.

If Trump loses, then justice and his creditors will be on his heels but there will still be millions of brainwashed supporters around to fund him and the same corrupt lawyers he has now to keep delaying his reckoning. We'll also find out just how corrupt Kavanaugh, Alito, Thomas and if appointed, ACB turn out to be.

But if he loses, November, December and January will be a fecal display. I would be worried about National Security at that point. What might Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, Israel want out of their agent before his term ends on Jan 20 and what will Trump ask for in return? Trump, if he can't find a way to stage a coup to stay in power after Jan 20th even if he has been voted out, will be motivated to make his debt disappear during that time.

That is why Trump getting coronavirus is a moral dilemma. Win or lose, America loses. The really ideal outcome for America is that Trump gets incapacitated, loses the election, and then recovers after Jan 20 to face the consequences of being America's biggest ever criminal.

Trump and his inner circle are not competent enough to pull off a hoax like that.

And, it was inevitable that their reckless behavior would lead to them getting the coronavirus.

He is on drugs that make the patient feel better which led him to say he felt better than he has felt for 20 years. Those same drugs exacerbate mental defects which you can see by how he is directing North Korean levels of propaganda. Any competent Doctor or Cabinet would have him hand over power to Pence now, but this is Trump's inner circle and the GOP we are talking about.

You will also have seen him gasping for breath. Doctors believe his treatment could only have been for corona pneumonia and Trump's doctor refused to talk about his lung scans.

It is so bad that Don Jr lobbied Eric, Ivanka and Jared to stage an intervention but Ivanka and Jared declined and Don Jr said he didn't want to go it alone.

... this explanation sounds like a script from a Day Time Soap. ... or maybe the doctors draw the line on how much they would lie for him. Interesting that when the polls did not improve from sympathy, he miraculously got better quick. LOL

The day after the Saturday super spreader Contagious ACB event, there was an event inside the White House for Gold Star mothers.

Maskless and no social distancing.

So Trump has now also spread it to Gold Star families across the country as well as high ranking military.

Meanwhile, Trump has not instructed any contact tracing. The most likely reason would be that it would reveal him as the Super Spreader In Chief.

Contract tracing in countries that take the coronavirus seriously not only alerts people to get tested but it results in people isolating and stopping further spread. In the White House alone, there are more coronavirus cases than New Zealand, Vietnam and Taiwan combined.

The Manchurian Candidate! :0

Sooner or later, the coronavirus will get Trump and his followers due to their recklessness! He's a serious case of Covid-19 for them having to helicopter him to Walter Reed hospital, and was given strong experimental drugs and autoimmune disorder drugs that normally reserves for the serious cases! Guess Walter Reed's doctors put Trump in his place for recklessly taking a joyride so he insisted on going back ASAP to the WH so he can go on and abuses his aides and staff! Trump has an abusive personality! Hopefully, he'll exile to Russia right after November 3, 2020!

Actually, they have reached Herd Mentality and will reach Herd Immunity by Jan 20, 2021! Whoever survives, anyway. LOL

Infectious disease icon asks CDC director to expose White House, orchestrate his own firing