I hope tello can survive this merger

If not, being a TMobile mnvo is not a bad idea either.

Agreed on both counts.

It may be difficult for them if costs rise. They have pushed hard to lower rates and they may have to raise them.

But yes it would be excellent if they become a tmobile mvno. Especially if they are able to keep rates competitive.

I like Tello on Sprint. In my urban area, much better building penetration than T-Mo currently offers-- plus I can use my old handsets..........

If the merger is approved, I think we'll all be in for a bumpy ride for a few years with devices for a merged network-- I don't think they're ready for handsets compatible with T-Mobile's recent spectrum purchases, much less for combined spectrum. It's possible T-Mo will have to seriously subsidize phone costs to keep customers from just moving existing handsets to AT&T, and possibly MVNOs from making the same decision.

Speaking of T-Mo MVNOs, I hope that Mint SIM will be able to stick around -- it seems to be an amazing value and it's already on the T-Mo network.

Tello's, Mint SIM's, or any other T-Mo MVNO's future at this point in time is strictly just speculation. From early reports I've read today, the merger will likely take at least a year or more to be finalized, and hopefully during that transition time, as they say, "all will be revealed".

Me too. How are you doing, HungyHog?

Hey beautiful gal... It has been quite a while. I really miss you, other than this I am doing fine. I made enough golds for a phone with cellnuvo. Wink :wink: