I have an unlocked android phone. How can I use Freedompop's data?

For free or almost free, that is.
The phone's not sprint though.

If it supports ATT then you can get an ATT LTE sim.

no, it's a Verizon phone.

If you want free then the only verizon option with data is cellnuvo using redpocket cdma. But that involves swiping for ads. 10 gold a month for the $10 plan isn't too difficult. You'd need to buy a redpocket cdma sim and probably pay for the first month to activate. I think you only have an iphone though right?

Or just get a new phone and use freedompop - sprint or att.

FreedomPop AT&T LTE sim might actually work in an unlocked Verizon phone.

I got a Moto E4 for the Sprint 1 year free thing. But I haven't started using it, just figured I might use it to the max potential?
Thanks a lot :smiley:

no, it's a Verizon phone.
I have an unlocked Verizon Note 3 running on Freedompop.
I bought a Freedompop LTE SIM from Target for 99 cents, activated the SIM on the Basic free plan and have freedompop friends that bring my data allotment up to 700 mb per month. Once you've activated the SIM,
On an Android phone, go through settings and set up an APN for fp.com.attz

Credit to KentE, he had a thread recently on the Freedompop SIM from Target!

I visited the Cellnuvo website and it's very confusing. I also looked in the forum section and it made everything even more confusing. What threads have a clearer explanation?
Thanks again!

Mmfacemm is a great helper. You should take his advice.

Is the moto e4 you bought a verizon prepaid moto e4? That won't work for the sprint 1 yr thing.

You can get a cheap unlock code for about $2 off ebay and use a freedompop att lte sim in the phone. Works great.

If it is the unlocked moto e4 it will work on all networks including sprint. So you can sign up for sprint freedompop or their att lte sim. Use the att one. I believe the sprint 1yr free thing may stop end of jan so get it while you can. Getting freedompop sprint will cause issues signing up for the sprint free year.

For cellnuvo see here for a quick guide
You basically download an app, swipe for ads/surveys,collect gold and then redeem gold via the app to pay for a monthly redpocket plan.

But if you want just free data only then freedompop is better for that. If you want proper cellular voice /texts then cellnuvo can be worth it.

Oh and you can use cellnuvo to pay the taxes/fees on your sprint free year too. So no harm checking out both.

Can you use the prepaid Vzw Moto E4, even after unlocking, on a Vzw MVNO (such as RedPocket's Vzw service) without first satisfying the Vzw Prepaid service minimum?

You can activate a sim on another verizon phone and then swap it into the Verizon Moto E4. That would work.


(I have no personal experience with this-- just sharing some forum reports from elsewhere.)

From reports, experience seems to vary with this method-- some folks have no issue using the VZW Moto E4 on a Verizon MVNO by SIM-swapping after unlocking via Ebay.

But... some have reported that their phone and/or line used this way became inactive after a while. Verizon can track actual ESNs in use, and if they care to, can cross-reference against their database for phones that have ;not met the prior-use requirement. When 'they care to' seems somewhat random.

Yes there is always a risk with swapping sims with verizon. Many people do it and verizon doesn't seem to care much. If it did it would maintain a proper whitelist like sprint.

Verizon keeps tracking on which phones you are using. I have Verizon postpaid. Every time I swap the SIM to a different phone, the new phone will show up in my online account in a day or two. I bought an unlocked Moto E4, Verizon could not activated a new line on it, the rep told me that Verizon postpaid does not carry Moto E4, and I must use it on Verizon prepaid. Then I tried an unlocked Moto g5 plus, and it activated successfully. I swapped the SIM to my unlocked Moto 4 E, and the phone works properly, and showed up in my online account. Interestingly after SIM swap, I can activate a second Verizon line with the same Moto g5 plus that I used before. Both using CDMA, Verizon technology is more advanced than Sprint, Verizon phone and SIM do not tie together like Sprint.
P.S. The unlocked Moto E4 I used was a factory unlocked version that cost $100, not the $40 Walmart Verizon prepaid version. I have that $40 version too. It works well with a T-Mobile SIM after eBay unlocking.

And the phone that you use with T-Mobile. New turned off automatic updating correct?

thanks a lot!
doesn't seem to be working though

I sent you one by pm - cellnuvo changed them all a few months ago for some reason and the old ones don't work.

Thank you so much for everything.
I do want more tethering data. I have more than enough minutes and texts. But I already have the sprint 1 year thing now.