I have a new idea for cellnuvo

Partner with tello, and persuade tello to accept golds directly from cellnuvo members. I am not kidding. This is the only way cellnuvo can unload the liability of golds morally with ease. Now since tello is willing to take golds, tello can decide the gold to USD conversion rate, make it 10 to 1. In return, cellnuvo redeems the golds from tello at half quarter per gold. Now we have phone service, cellnuvo can pay off the debt at a huge discount (87.5% off), and tello gets business. Personally I am willing to accept 12.5 cents for each gold, and I believe many people can accept this redemption rate too. All course this time shall be all cash, no more bullshit! If cellnuvo is not willing to consider this, it might want to cease existing.

Some folks with lotsa Gold seem to be Ponzi-scheming themselves almost. They're so concerned about losing their sunk-cost Golds if CN goes belly up, so they swipe because nobody else would swipe.

If tello is going to step in to help us, it has to be this way. Tello has to be paid, and cellnuvo has to get rid of the liability to move forward. But I suspect that cellnuvo cannot even pay off 12.5% current gold liability.

If it turns out that it has been a ponzi scheme, then those who swiped the most contributed the most to keeping it going.

I cannot believe that I am so stupid. I don't have DSL or cable, I only have freedompop LTE sim, but during the outrage I swiped 60 golds. I think I am the best sucker of 2017 in this forum, probably in the whole world. Oh well, I don't even have phone service.

There must be a reason that I am such a loser, because I am such a stupid big sucker.

Soon I might have the 10 dollar gold plan from red pocket. Also swiping for iPhone X.

I think you're a good guy with a good heart.

You just evaluated cellnuvo with your heart instead of your head. Everyone makes mistakes like these. Some don't even recognize their mistakes - at least you do!

So don't beat yourself up about your mistake to trust cellnuvo. But do learn from it. Simply use your head rather than your heart and be more realistic and less hopeful and trusting on future purchases and financial decisions.

Thank you. I just take it as an over-priced lesson. Business Rudimentary for 300 golds.

I am swiping my ass now.

It looks that my business advice is not persuasive enough but time will tell I am right. The reason tello can survive is paygo, which means it did not have to redeem golds to the extent that could demand it the amount of money to support golds value. Without paygo, people are leaving, and the staying members are not enough to swipe for its operation cost, so it cannot make payment and more people will ditch it.

The only way to overcome this is to afford payments on a regularly base so that people are willing to swipe. If it cannot even offer payment for tello paygo service, why can it offer paychecks for iphoneX? You have to be a moron to swipe for nothing because on other reputable platforms you can actually get paid with real dollars.

Yes. Existing users have mostly stopped swiping.

Which is why it was important to improve the play store rating with fake reviews. They need new swipers.

New users will need to earn a minimum of 10 gold each before they think of redeeming.

So they will earn cellnuvo revenue with less risk of redemption. The question is what do they intend to do with that revenue? Pay themselves or allow existing users to redeem?

If it's the former, then it's unethical. If it's the latter, it's like a Ponzi scheme.

So, a refresher, which ad swiping app should we be using?

When I switched to cellnuvo upon ringplus' death, someone tried to persuade me not to do that, his theory was swagbucks actually pays out real cash and I can use the money whenever or on whatever I want. I did not care for the advice because I want a simple solution for phone service. Now I think I am an idiot. Had I not been such a bigot I would have lots of money for my tello paygo account that can go for many years.
I bet that you can still dig up that post here or ringplus.

Technically you still can sign up for Swagbucks. You could use your phone to watch the mobile videos and earn 10c per app (7 apps if you are using an Android phone) and they reset at 6PM Pacific, so you can earn a total of $1.40/day just from mobile apps. If your phone has ad blocking, it tends to go fairly quickly, but you won't be eligible for bonus rounds on the apps. Of course there's other ways to earn on Swagbucks, but I'm lazy.

Do note that using it, you must have a verified Paypal if you want to cash out that way and it has a referral system like many of the other moneymaking/beermoney sites.

Probably the best way to go, if you want to have a lot less stress in your life and since you get cash, you can pay any carrier you want to use.

I do think swagbucks is a good alternative to those wanting less hassle. If all you want is a $5 top up to tello every couple of months it is easy to do. They have a daily list of things which will earn you easy sbs eg answering the poll of the day. If you search in their search engine you usually win sbs on the hour. Referrals are also nice. I got a referral from somewhere and he/she provides me about $10 a month which is fantastic. Thank you if you are reading this!!

You can earn money with their video apps too but do be careful if you try playing the videos all day. I dabbled in it a while ago and one of my phone batteries expanded and broke the casing in two. I also lost a couple of phones due to failing parts from overworking them.

The cellnuvo app is actually really good in terms of ad delivery and how you can earn points. If only they could sort out the problems they have relating to redemption, communication, customer service etc etc.

This is very true, similar to the old perk farms, you would not want to use your daily driver for this. Best bet is decent cheap phones (like the $8 ZTE Maven 3 Best Buy had on Black Friday) so that you can quickly earn your phone investment back quickly and then anything on top is gravy.

It is not that earning golds in cellnuvo is hard but golds in cellnuvo are just like toilet paper.

10-4--- but toilet paper costs money, and since no one can use their gold to buy toilet paper, I guess one can say adios and flush either one down the toilet.

That's not true. One roll IS worth $1.