I don't understand why cellnuvo will fail us

There is an app called s'mores, which is a screen locking app. You have to swipe it to open your cellphone. It is said that you get $3 each month, and you don't have to swipe the hell out of it. If they can pay out $3 a month, why can't cellnuvo? We swipe cellnuvo app like hell. $3 a month could buy a lot of tello minutes! Ok 100 minutes but then I don't use 100 minutes every month. So if cellnuvo goes to tello there should not be any problems.

Really if you want to create your own free cellphone service it is fairly easy if all you need is $3 a month.

Microsoft rewards for using bing for search, swagbucks, nielson rewards, checkpoints, instagc, qmee etc etc

Then you can pick tello if you really want tello.

The million dollar question of the day, is "how am I just finding about this subreddit now?" lol thanks mmfacemm.

thank you but this is not about the current me, this is about cellnuvo and the old me who has many golds. again, if $3 is so easy, why can't cellnuvo do it? most people would still have phone service if the initial money to redpocket was directed to tello.