I am seriously considering filing a lawsuit against cellnuvo

If anybody wants to joint me for a class action, please leave me a note. Take screenshot of your stupid golds and preserve all evidence.
I cannot let it get away like this.

You don't have to pay me any attorney's fees, but if you contribute to filing fees and related court cost I appreciate.

First off this is small claims at best. No lawyer in his right mind would take this on. The best you can do is file small claims in Chicago. You'll have to fly down there to file. And then you'll have to fly down there at least once ,maximum 4 times.

I know you're mad but it's not going to be worth your time or money

H-H, as much as Tom is not not a person I would like to be a business partner with, have some perspective and distance to the whole CN mess. We are cellphone industry bottom feeders here, and it is not a smooth ride, but surely interesting one. Lack of communication is the wrong choice Tom made and it is very frustrating on all of us. Some of customers needed working phone service (me too on lines I am assisting ppl with). Stonewalling, silence and lies put Tom in a very special category of business ppl, but he is trying to survive and thats where mistakes are being made.
If nothing helps - release your phone, start a new line with new RedPocket number (it is still the cheapest $10 monthly service) paying initial fee yourself and then try reload with CN gold. It should work imho (latest being that you put phone number in the account no. field).
I will be happy to paypal you a few $ if that would help.

I am totally disgusted by him now. I contacted redpocket to activate my phone and have tried the phone number instead of account number to top up, but he through his subordinate marked my support ticket "resolved" and "done" without funding my account. Now my redpocket account is closed again. I don't believe that I myself need to pay for the first month in order to let topup go through. He has all of my phone information and he could activate and fund it just as when it was initially switched to redpocket a few months ago. If he has the least amount of honesty, he should fix it. It is his obligation.

Thank you for your offer, but I am using freedompop and tello now. Hope that you have a Merry Christmas.

Yes, HH you right, Tom has all info needed to sort CN business if he wanted, but he does not and we all try hard to go around half working system with little or no clue from CN. Since late August CN 'is broken' and we all try to find solution. AND TOM not communicating sucks!
But imagine going to Law Office and trying explain 'CN GOLD' concept? They owe me 'GOLD'? :slight_smile:

Lawyers, if admitted due to high LSAT scores, are not stupid.
This is a concept related secured transaction, though only a dumbass like me will take golds as collateral. Because golds have no actual value, they can screw their creditors.

HH, we not happy, stuck with $10 monthly plan, I would like to have $15 or $19 or any other plan, or buy add-ons, but i can't. CN support is no help. With time we figured that it is way easier, to start from scratch. Release your phone using RP, or Sprint if you must. Start from scratch then pay with CN 'gold' for service.

You would have to consider a different approach.

Convince a judge you were a independent worker who"s job was to swipe. You did not get paid. Judges protect wages with vigour.