How to we stop the emails to my inbox?

My email inbox is getting flooded with the forum emails. While I do want to visit the forum and read and participate in the discussions, I want to avoid my email inbox from getting flooded.

Will changing the "subscriptions" to "NO" do the trick?

Click your name above your avatar and then click subscriptions and check them all and delete. Make sure you uncheck the box after every post you make so that you are not notified of topics!

Sorry, the emails are indeed annoying. I've gone ahead and configured it to NOT subscribe to a thread by default.

In order to turn off existing notifications, just open the thread/topic and click on the top-most Action button/drop-down. You should see an option to subscribe or unsubscribe to the thread. You can also manage all of your subscriptions by clicking on your profile picture and checking/unchecking the topics (under Subscriptions tab).

Now people will complain why they are not getting notification emails. :slight_smile:

I just realized that although I am subscribed to three topics I have never received an email about any of them. The same thing happened with my activation email; I never got it, and had to email for help with that. I got a reply from "Nth Circle Support" that my account had been activated manually and I was able to get in after that, but that is the only Nth Circle-related email I have gotten at all. They're not going to my spam folder, either.

Strangely enough, I had the same problem with the old Discourse forum (didn't get the activation emails even after multiple attempts) so I could never join there and had to wait until the Social forum came along. I got other RingPlus email about promotions, notices that other members had sent me private messages, etc. And eventually, long after they would have been of any use, two of the Discourse activations finally made it to my Inbox (out of at least a half-dozen attempts to sign up).

Anyone else have trouble getting email from here?

I'm getting everything I've expected to get.

I don't know if I haven't got what I haven't expected to get. :silly:

Nth Circle Support is me. I'm a one-ghost shop.

As for your missing emails, I'm not sure what's going on. If you're missing emails from different senders though, it sounds like it might just be overly zealous spam filtering by your email service. I do know that I could improve my server emails. Right now, some of my system generated notification emails go out unencrypted, which is normally fine, but some ISPs will consider that as slightly more suspicious (higher likelihood of it being spam). Either way, I'd recommend trying a different email account and see if that help the deliverability.

I thought I recognized that ghostly presence in my Inbox. :slight_smile:

I've decided to put in my Gmail address, which I seldom use, and see if that works better. The one I used was my main address, which I've been using for nearly everything since 1997. If your site's email was being identified as spam it should have been dropped in my spam folder, but it isn't going there either. Anyway, something is happening to it so we'll see how it works with Gmail.

Another way... if you are using google, log on to webmail on a desktop browser and select the item and classify it as social. Then, it does not go into your inbox but instead goes to the social folder.