How to transfer CN app to a different phone?

So I'm anticipating having to move the CN app to a different phone. It's currently on a wifi phone with Nougat, and I'll have to move it to a wifi phone with Marshmallow. Obviously I don't want to lose my hard-earned Gold during the transfer.

(1) Is it easy to transfer the app (well, mainly my precious Gold!) to a different phone?

(2) Do I just download the app on the second phone, and enter my email and that's it? Or do I need to create a new account with a new email (I hope not).

(3) Once I download the app to the second phone, do I have to stop swiping on the first phone? (I'm okay with stopping on the first phone).

(4) Will I need to input a referral code on the second phone (like I did the first time)?

(5) Anything I should watch out for?

Thank you for any and all help!

  1. yes
  2. just download and enter in your email. They send a code and then you input that in
  3. yes - will only be active on the new phone
  4. Not if you are using the latest version downloaded from the play store.
  5. No. Done it 30+ times without issue.

You are able and allowed to change referral codes to a different one when you reload the app to a new phone.

So lets say I had a referral to MMface and he pissed me off. I can reload the app and put in the referral to you for example.

I like that options

I also done this many times ( reloading app) and no issues

BTW, when does the referral bonus get posted? Is it based on when you registered the device?

On the 1st of each month.

12:00 am PST on the first of the month

Regarding @peterquinn's Question #5 above, just a heads-up so you can all avoid the mistake I made: A little over a week ago I e-mailed CN Support and asked them if I could uninstall, then reinstall, one of my CN accounts (that had over 180 gold) in order to add a new referral code second time around. They said no problem, go ahead and do that... but when I did, my old account number (and all of my gold) vanished.

I e-mailed them back again to let them know what happened, and they said they would check with their tech people to see if there might be a way to get my gold back. Almost a week later, I still have 0 gold in the "new/old" account.

Moral to the story: If and when you ever uninstall, then reinstall the CN app for one of your accounts, DO NOT ADD A NEW REFERRAL CODE or you will most likely lose everything you have accrued! :frowning:

Hopefully CN's tech folks will be able to restore my gold. If and when that happens, I will update on this thread.

Must be a glitch, I just did (originally used code FREE) and it was fine. Your point does bring up a good point on the unstable nature of e-money.

I have done this many times with no lost gold

Did support give a reason? Gold is attached to email not refferal code.

For kicks did you try install with orginal refferal code?

I guess taking a screenshot before is wize

Mmface any thoughts?

Sounds odd. I think I recall it happening to someone else a while back and they got their gold back. It shouldn't happen as the gold is tied to the account not the referral or the phone or anything else.

Just make sure you entered in the email correctly. 0 gold and a new account number sounds like you got a new account.

Many of us have done this numerous times and had no issue.

@Diedrich_Duo, I think your experience is out of the norm. It's a serious problem, but I don't think the referral code entry was likely the issue, and the serious problem would have likely occurred without that entry, too.
So we know the bookkeeping is kept on CN servers, and just reported to our phones. I'm still paranoid about having to reinstall or update my app, and I always take screenshots of the main page & account page before taking those actions. I suppose it might be a good idea to take a screenshot at regular intervals or milestones, even if I'm not reinstalling the app.

So, 2 possibilities come to mind-- either the server has lost your account info (I hope not), or the info just isn't being reported back correctly to your device.
Some possibilities: Have you refreshed info in the app settings menu?
When you say your old account # has vanished, do you mean what is shown in the app Settings menu? If you have a record of it, does the new installation show the same referral code, or any referral code at all? (It shouldn't have changed-- but of course the account # shouldn't have, either..)
I hate to suggest this, so we'll just consider that I'm only asking, and not suggesting..... have you tried reinstalling the app again?

Fortunately, I did take a screenshot before I did all this, and attached it to the e-mail I sent Support. Hopefully they will get my gold back sooner than later!

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I got a whole new account number, referral code, and 0 gold when I reinstalled, even though the e-mail was the same. Fortunately, I took (and attached) a screenshot of the "old" account before I uninstalled it. Hope that CN's tech folks can restore the gold sooner than later!

humh... I like mmfacemm's thought about an incorrect email address very much....
Check very carefully for typos in the email address in the app Settings. I don't know how CN parses email addresses, but... for example, many businesses will accept xx(dot) and as different email addresses, and gmail will happily deliver either to your email box. (An error like this would allow you to still receive the confirmation code from CN, while an error like would not have let you receive the confirmation code.)

Thanks for your suggestions, @KentE. I tried both your scenarios, but unfortunately neither worked. Thank goodness I had a screenshot so they know I'm not trying to do anything dishonest. (Ironically, I wrote them before I started any of this to make sure it wouldn't be a problem for me to have my referral rewards "flow both ways", from one CN account to the other and vice versa. It is also possible that I might have uninstalled the wrong account and just reinstalled it again on the same phone, with the same referral code... but even if that were the case, I would not have expected to get the gold wiped out due to my accidental deja vu.) We shall see what happens!

D_D, I think CS advice that you could have referrals flow both ways between 2 accounts does not match what I've heard before (from members), and could possibly be the underlying issue with your account. (How close was your reinstall to the Dec 1 date when referrals would have been calculated?)

You are using 2 different phones for the 2 accounts, right?
I'm glad to hear you had screenshots.  My guess is that CN will get the balance restored for you.

Thank you everyone, for your replies. Gosh D_Duo, I'd be devastated if something like that happened to me, with 180 Gold at that! Sincerely hope you get your Gold back. Makes me hope I won't have to move to the other phone.
But if I do have to move - is it required to uninstall the app on my current phone first, and only then install it on the second phone? Thanks again for your help folks.

Thank you for your good wishes. Still waiting to get my bounty restored... :slight_smile:

Regarding your question about current phone versus the second phone, in my experience (notwithstanding this latest hiccup), once you install the app on your second phone and start swiping with it, if you try swiping on the first phone it does not work... I forget the exact error message, but basically you can only have the app active on one phone at a time for the same account.

Good luck to you (hope it's lots better than mine lately) and happy swiping!

I wonder if this is why sometimes my phone does not get any ads for periods of time... server might think I am logged in on another instance... I do not get any error message though...

I also notice sometimes the app reports no network connection... not just CN, other apps too...

Just upset that I am spending a lot of time for empty swipes.

Interesting thread. @Diedrich_Duo - To make sure I understand, you were looking to have account "one" (the first let's say) be the referral for account "two" to then turn around and have account "one" have the referral code of "two" whom was referred by "one"?

If so, I can see how that would be a conflict causing undesired results being it is not a possible real scenario under normal circumstances. I fact, I am surprised they told you it was ok to even try this.

I can possibly see that working with three or more devices / accounts in which the codes / accounts do not refer directly with one another (e.g. "one" and "two" never refer one another). with three, it would look something like "one refers two, two refers three, and one gets the referral of three" or any combination that does not result in a closed circle in between accounts.

Anyway, please share what CellNuvo ends up saying / doing regarding that. Curiosity is sure getting the best of me on this one. Plus, I was going to have the referral code on my first account be changed to another member per a prior post made. Since that account has plenty gold for a phone purchase to be made, I now have cold feet on this one. Thanks and good luck!