How to swap a device?

I want to change phone. There is no option to do that on CellNUVO account.

I believe it has to be done by support, via email to
(from my notes-- I haven't done it before.)

I found this:


jamielih wrote: Any idea how to swap devices in my CellNuvo account?

My phone for my CellNuvo account died (was Android 4.0.4 anyways), & I have a currently-inactive Android 4.4.4 phone formerly with Tello that I'd like to move to the CellNuvo.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Contact and they will be able to do the swap. Will need account number and device id's for both old and new.

We are working on building this functionality into the customer portal, its just not there yet.... "

hope they fix that so we can do it

lexusl21, have members had difficulty swapping phones via support? I was hoping to be able to do that as well at some point.

I've observed that, when swapping phones on 2 separate instances, both times via, the swaps went smoothly & fairly quickly.

My observation of 1 instance of porting a number from Tello to an existing CellNuvo account is that it went very smoothly without any problems, but took a fairly long time, ~ 10 days after submitting request to CellNuvo if I recall correctly.

I swapped phone. Gave correct info abd it went smoothly. And it was quick

Thanks, lexusl21 & jamielih ! Sounds like I can expect a reasonably easy time swapping my phone.

(Ahh, I see now lexusl21 that I misinterpreted your earlier statement-- I thought you were hinting at difficulties swapping, but now realize you're hoping for a change to self-service swap: yeah, that would be really nice!)


Swapping a device can be done by emailing Please include the ESN and ICCID of the device. Make sure the former carrier of the device and SIM have released it and it is able to be activated.

We sometimes encounter delays for a number of reasons: most are related typos to ESN/ICCIDs and either being inactive or cancelled.