How to stop freedompop voicemail

I use google voice for my voicemail
But lately, a lot of my calls get put on Freedompops voicemail instead of google voice
And since I am not signed up for Freedomopop voicemail, I can't listen to the voicemails
How can I stop Freedompop from taking the voicemail?

Good question.....
According to the Cranial Borg tutorial:
" To disable voicemail, go to your account under account settings and find [voicemail preferences]. Although it says "disabled", you need to click "edit" and then click "save", and then you will get a message saying "voicemail disabled." You can confirm that voicemail is now actually disabled by calling your number and confirming it just keeps ringing. "

But trying to follow that method, I find no setting for voicemail preferences, when checking 2 lines.
It used to be there, and did work. If it still exists, I can't find it.
I quit using the FreedomPop Messaging App some time ago. A lot of folks just do away with it, and use Google Voice instead.

If I uninstall the messaging app, will I still be able to call and receive calls?
Also the messaging app warns me when i am down to 50mb of data , so that is useful

You would need a different VoIP app for calling. Google Voice is a popular choice.

If your friends and other contacts use your FreedomPop number, there are a number of hoops to jump through to move that number elsewhere. And there is some cost involved.

If you're OK with a different number, Google Voice will give you one. But, it takes an existing number to register for a new GV #, and I don't think a FreedomPop # will work for that. Generally, it needs to be a true cellular or landline #. If you can use a friend or family member's #, it can be deleted from your Google Voice account once you have it set up. (It's just a temporary need, for confirmation.)

If the FreedomPop Messaging app is working for you otherwise, you might start by seeing if FP customer service will disable voicemail for you. I've had good luck reaching them via twitter, @FreedomPopHelp . The FP Forum is another possible route for assistance, but I've found the twitter team to be quicker and more reliable.

So is it still possible to port out a number from FP. What are the possible issues as you mentioned?

Also do they give a new number after port out or just close the account. Thanks

mmfacemm just provided an update on porting out a number from FreedomPop: Read his first post here
and a followup post just shortly after in the same thread.

Basic info: mmfacemm did port out a number from FP lately. The port worked fine. He was not offered a free replacement number, but an option to get a new number for $4.99. The account seems to remain dormant, but not closed, if you don't opt for a new number.

I hinted at issues to moving a FreedomPop number elsewhere if you already have contacts who use that number to reach you. You can definitely port the number out. ghoul31's issue is a little more complicated, because he/she is using a free service, and I'd mentioned Google Voice as an alternative to the FP Messaging app.

I don't believe you can port a FP number directly to Google Voice, however, since it's a VoIP number. (And GV charges $20 to port in a number.)
To work around this porting restriction, one would need to port out to a traditional cellular provider first (like Tello, Red Pocket, etc.), and then port again to Google Voice.

Thanks again. I will wait and see what would be RP's next step then decide.
I don't believe they will keep the current status for long.
A low cost monthly plan like that Ebay sprint plan would actually be acceptable for me.