How To Stop Android From Updating

How can you set Android to never update the operating system?

Also, how do you set it to not update apps?

What I've noticed is that the OS updates oftentimes cause older Android devices to slow down.

Depends on phone make. If Samsung and some others
Package disabler pro

Used to be free now $2.99

Look at old versions apk websites. People here have mentioned a few.

@joseph, As far as auto-updating your apps, you should be able to turn off auto-updates. Here's how I do it on my phone (running Nougat 7.0):

--Open up your Play Store app
--Tap the three little lines on the top left
--Select "Auto-update apps"
--Tap the "Don't auto-update apps" option
...and that's it.

The next time you open up your Play Store app and go to "My apps and games", you should see a reminder to "Keep you apps up to date" by turning on auto-update, but you can just ignore that.

As @lexusl21 mentioned above, disabling OS updates depends upon what kind of phone you have.

Hope the tips help -- good luck!

I do this, and it mostly works. It will not prevent Google Play Support Libraries, Google Instant Apps, etc., from auto-updating. And of course it will not stop OS or manufacturer updates.

Package disabler pro

For OS. Works

For Play Store, you can disable the Play Store altogether, and enable it when you want to use it.

There are also alternative app stores (Aurora and Galaxy) that you can install apps from. They don't auto-update.

Here's some info on blocking the phone from OS updates, and depending on which phone, there is probably a lot more info out there on the subject.

First link won't work without an app like package disabler pro. To show you the system updates

Will not show in file manager.

I can't seem to find instructions on stopping OS updates on a Moto X4.

Btw, is the idea that OS updates on a two year old (or older) device oftentimes causes the device to slow down have any accuracy? Would upgrading a Moto X4 to Android 9.0 Pie result in the device being slower than not upgrading to Pie?

I don't think updating to Pie on the not so old, still supported Moto X 4( initially a $400 Fi phone ) will slow it down, unlike maybe some ios devices. Anyway, here is how to enter developer mode on the Moto X4 in order to turn off auto system updating if so desired

Got to settings>scroll down to "system" at bottom of page and tap>Next tap on "about phone"> scroll down to"Build Number" and tap on it 7 times to enable "developer mode"> now go to home screen and tap on settings and scroll down to "System" and tap. Now scroll down to "Advanced" and tap> now scroll down from what now says Motorola Privacy to "Developer options" and tap which takes you to another screen where you can scroll down to turn off "automatic system updates". Done.