How to get Tello Unlimited everything (virtually) for ONLY 6 Bucks a month

Here is a tip worth thinking about. Get Tello and sign up for a plan that's more than you normally use a month. Renew 1 day early each month so your min and data roll over to the next month. Do this for apx. 3 months to accumulate a rather large amount of min and data. Then switch to the 6 dollar plan (100 min and 500mg data) If you are a lite to moderate user like I am, you will now have buckets of min and data that far exceed you monthly usage. Now you can use what you need to (this is what I call virtually unlimited. If you do what you need, and never run out, then it is virtually unlimited) I did this over a year ago and it has worked great for me. Essentially build up buckets by using rollover tip for about 3 months, the switch to a low plan and talk and text and data what you need without having to worry about running out) It may not be for everyone but 6 bucks (plus tax) a month CAN'T be beat!

Interesting tip Frasier11 - thanks for sharing it.
If they were having some sort of super switchover deal that would be even more attractive.

In our area with Verizon becoming GSM it has it has mostly made other carrier choices irrelevant (like AT&T for example...).

There are also other blurry things lately - like being able to tell which MVNO is using which actual carrier(s) anymore - especially after VZ snarfed up Movil/TF.

I don't even remember what Tello was using when last I looked at their offers...which was a while ago.

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Tello is using T-Mobile (Sprint and T-mobile combined) it's not as good as Verizon but in my area it works for me.

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Great idea. If you went with the 10 GB / 100 min at $21 per month plan for the 1st three months, your average $ / GB would be $2.10 / GB. Then, beginning in the 4th month, you pay $6 / month for 500 MB / 100 min. This means your $ / GB per month average will slowly creep towards $12 / GB, but that takes a very long time.

E.g.,based on my calculation, after month 24 (i.e., after 3 months at 10 GB, and 21 months at 500 MB), your average $ / GB per month for the 24 months duration is around $4.66 / GB per month. Not bad.

There is at least one big risk. Every "month" or, more precisely, at around every 29 (or fewer) days, you must remember to renew manually. Otherwise, all savings is lost.


Would this method work if the original plan includes unlimited minutes?

No, because the "unlimited mins" will not "roll over".

Tello will probably close this "loophole" now that it has been posted.

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I hope not, but you never know..... :neutral_face:

I doubt it...while I'm very appreciative of this forum being restored, it seems like it lost so much traction. There are very few posters on here. If this was the original blog, it might have been seen by Tello.

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It's not a loophole. It's policy.

Tello Mobile | Frequently Asked Questions | Help Center :
Will unused service carry over to the next month?
Unused service WILL roll over ONLY if you manually renew or change your plan at least 24 hours before the end of your current billing cycle and ONLY if the new plan contains all the services that you previously had.

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