How to get amazon gift cards?

I see carriers, then phone installments and redpocket installments... but the latter 2 asks for acct #... how do I find my Amazon acct #, if that's how it's done...

if you are asking for the account number in the purchase, it is your Cellnuvo #, which could be found in the app settings.

Once you finished placing enough credits for your Redpocket plan, then you have to contact Cellnuvo and tell them your Amazon account. I am in the process to do this now.

As far as I know, when you should need it, Amazon uses the email address you signed up with as the account number or identifier, or the mobile phone number one used when opening a mobile app account.

OK, giving it a try. Thanks all!

CellNUVO will ask for your Amazon email address info in a follow-up email after your in-app purchase.

OK, so on the email, CN needs:

Redemption confirmation code (I provided that as a courtesy, not sure if they needed that)
Redemption amount
Your CN acct #
Your Amazon email
Link to the phone/plan you are buying


Did they give it to you? Amazon gift card takes cellnuvo longer then they used too. Hope yours is faster then weeks

Hopefully soon, hoping the phone goes on sale this Black Friday. :slight_smile:

Really hope they can meet the 7-10 business day commitment this month... timing is critical to getting Black Friday prices.

Used to be much faster

If I request golds for phone purchase now would I be able to get the Amazon card before black Friday?

This would of had to be your last month of saving

So you wanted a 300 phone

1). 100 gold saved in September

  1. 100 gold saved in October

3). 100 gold saved in November

Email sent to support first few days in November

Requesting payment before black Friday.

Now if you want a phone worth 100 or less you need to do it right away and beg support to have by black Friday.

Since you can only have for Amazon phone and/or rp annual plan. Just once a year. 100 or less seems a waste imho

Cellnuvo takes planning. I have the next 9 months planned.

Cellnuvo does last minute really bad.

Always did and always will.

CN Support says 7-10 business days
Black Friday is 10 business days (~2 weeks) from today...

You are assuming hh has saved the necessary gold already.

Plus I hear cellnuvo was not obeying their own rules and In actuality it is 14 plus days

I had a $100 RP annual plan payment take in 7 business days a few weeks ago.

I guess it is size pending

So I could get it done by the end of this weekend.

The phone you wanted was over $200

Did you already bank the 3 payments ? If answer is YES . Then I would put in order today

If answer is NO. Then you are too late.

That simple


Oh crap i am still looking for a phone. Should have banked the third payment earlier. I am waiting for umidigi a3 max.

You caouke bank it now then send email link. No reason to wait