How to do this on Tello? Need help!

I have Tello with -
(1) a grandfathered-in six-dollar per month plan that gives me 200mb and unlimited texts per month, and
(2) a PAYGO balance of about ten bucks.

Starting next month, I will be in a location with very poor Sprint coverage. So I don't want to pay the $6 per month. In other words, I would like to be on PAYGO alone. (I'll find some way to use the paygo balance every 3 months to preserve the paygo balance).

I have a credit card on my account that Tello auto-deducts each month for $6 for the monthly plan. Can I just remove the card and will it do what I want to accomplish? Have any of you done this, and what has been your experience?

Thanks for any tips on this!

Check this link to the FAQs. You should be able to change your plan from the dashboard.They need your CC, or Paypal, data for the PayGo only plan even after you delete the $6 a month plan.At the help center linked, scroll all the way down to plans.

Thanks for the link and info, Isamorph! Nuggets such as needing to keep the credit card on file for paygo - very useful. I cancelled the plan right away, seeing as the faq states that i will continue to have data till the end of the month even if i cancel immediately. I like Tello's no-fuss operations!