How to correctly check if phone is still active

I keep seeing people using the ting byod checker if their phone or phones are still active with a carrier. The ting carrier only shows if your phone is allowed on their service. People should really use the tello byod checker. The tell checker shows if your phone is still active with a carrier.

Ting's BYOD checker also tells you if your phone is currently active.

Sorry, I missed that. Ting does show if phone is still active.

I prefer using Tello anyway. It is just cdma so gives you a straightforward answer which green text for success and red text for failures

Many BYOD testers require some experience to interpret. Since the goal of the test is whether you can join the service offered by the BYOD test supplier, it's not always intuitive to use one for general information.

The reason I use Ting is habit & familiarity. Been using it since 2015 when I first switched to RingPlus. Didn't even know about Tello back then, much less they had a BYOD checker so the R+ & Ting checkers were always used/recommended.