How to change Red Pocket plan?

My current Red Pocket plan is the $15 one. I want to change it to the $10 plan. What should I do? Should I simply go to Store in the app and "Pay my Red Pocket bill" of 10 Golds, hoping the payment will go through and the plan will auto changed to $10 plan on Red Pocket side?

Additional info: I purchased 19 Golds last month - December with hope of changing to "$19.00 - 30 Day- Unlimited Minutes ..." plan. 19 Golds were deducted from my account but the plan was not changed. Red Pocket chat said seeing a $15.31 payment on their side.

I chatted with rp support. They did it for mrle

Others sent 10 gold in and it changed the plan

Others tried sending in 10 gold and failed

So try rp chat first

To increase the likelihood of success, I suggest the following: Ask Red Pocket to change your plan. You might lose unused allotments of current plans, but I haven't experienced that. Once you confirm plan is changed, then pay the $10 via CellNuvo app. Then when app shows that payment was deducted from your Gold, chat with Red Pocket again to confirm.

Register an account at

Most importantly, don't buy Gold. If you wanna use your credit card to pay somebody then pay RedPocket.
[Edit: I think you're intending to say you used the app to "Pay my Red Pocket bill" and entered 19 for the Pay amount]

Also, what are your needs? The $10 Essential is 500/500/500. Isamorph in the "Reminder" thread is testing a $5 topup that bought 250/2500*/250. Use the chat button in the bottom right of your browser to chat with RedPocket.

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Can't buy gold since crash.


I think the $5 CellNuvo plan refill option may only appear on lines that have not yet switched away from that plan. It does not appear as an option on my Essentials line.


Okay. Both mine have the option which is serendipitous cuz I've never had an account with enough Gold to buy that $10 crap.

uhthisb wins again!!!

Update your app. Sigh

It won't be there Sigh

Just sigh

I'm running Software Version: 2.74

In the store my first choice is Pay my Red Pocket bill
My third choice is 5 Gold Top Up - Infinite Plan

I still haven't decided which of those I'll tap when the time comes (obviously if I choose the former I'll just enter Pay amount : 5

When all is said and done I hope to have some money left over for Amazon too...

You can not buy gold

At one time you could buy silver for $10. That is long gone but you knew this.

Just saying it to take a pot shot

It is in past.

Do not forget to update your PC for the year 2000 or your clock won't reset.

All the intricacies I've learned have been from reading others' datapoints cuz I've never spent any of my silver or gold by doing anything. Most of August and before, correct me if I'm wrong, at the most we maybe saw some automatically deducted.

I have placed the OP on Ignore for trying to confuse me by writing "I purchased 19 Golds last month".

So how do you place a forum member on your ignore list? I've never been able to figure that out on this forum.

You can not