How to activate CellNuvo app?

So I downloaded the CellNuvo app on a wifi phone today. Where do I enter my email address?

I entered 'FREE' in referral code, then clicked Activate, which takes me to the CN website. Where it asks me to download the app. It's taking me into a perpetual loop with nowhere to enter my email.

I rebooted my phone, went into the app again, it asks me to activate, I go into settings, then into activate, I enter FREE then click Activate, it takes me to CN's website.

Is there a fix? Or is CN not allowing new accounts? What am I missing here? Thanks folks!

Try using a referral code instead of FREE. Here are a few from the subreddit

Once you enter a code it should take you to a screen to enter in your email.

Thanks mmface, that did the trick. Filled out a pollfish survey and got 75 silver, now what next? It shows me a bunch of things to "Earn Silver". Stuff like playing games I think? Some of them need me to download games. Is it safe to download them? And do the points listed refer to the amount of Silver I can win? Thanks for your help folks, don't know what I'd do without this forum.
(I can't believe I downloaded the CN app! Don't know what got into me! I guess reading about people buying all those phones did it)
ETA - Ah, and how do I play those match-number and split-pot games?

Swipe to the right and you should get ads that credit silver. Unfortunately it is a fairly bad time right now for ads. Just missed a good month last month. Some people are seeing good 15 silver ads and others are not so depending on your location you may be lucky or not.

Split game - first 20 ads you watch after 8pm eastern every day draws a number. These are dished out in order so the first person to swipe at 8pm gets number 1, then the next number 2 etc. Then at 8pm the next day a winning number is drawn and if you get it then you win the pot. Post about your win on social media (here is fine) and email support and they will credit your prize.

After the first 20 then you play match pot. There is a board of numbers that everyone gets. Every time you watch an ad you draw a number for the match pot game. If you match one it lights up gold. Fill the board with all gold numbers before anyone else and you win the pot. Then a new game starts right away.

I wouldn't trust everything on the game/app list but many are okay. I mean you know things like hulu are not going to load malware on your phone. They just link to the google play store to download. Yes the points shown is what silver you earn. I would be careful with anything asking for credit cards or social security numbers etc. Use something like for offers requiring a credit card.

Give it some time - you figure out what is best to do after some practice.

Most of us just swipe right

The split pot starts at 8pm

Since you just installed you need to wait till 8pm for machine and split pot to reset and start

That's 8pm Eastern time for Split the Pot.

and to reset the match pot. I just changed phones on a cellnuvo account and the split and match pot were blank till 8 pm est

Thanks, lexusl21, for that reminder. I've only reloaded the app a few times, and never remember that the games don't work until the reset on the first day of use.

I imagine that makes it extra confusing for a new user trying to figure out how it works......

Thank mmface. He explained this policy started a couple of months ago. Do not know why