How Much is Page Plus Charging for Pay-go Data?

Anyone here able to explain or shed light on how Page Plus pay-go charges for data?

I've searched on line, called them, looked through faq & fine print, I may have missed it but I can't find anything past .05/mb.

What about parts of a mb??

CS has been useless, mostly insisting the "standard plan" doesn't have data, patently false, the call records show data used but I can't figure the charges when tiny amounts are being used, ie 2kb, 81kb, 104kb etc. on a given date. I'm not sure what is using it all but appears MMS & activation day used part of that data.

Over the 3 weeks or so the account has been transitioned to new phone on 4g it has accumulated 400-500kb. It appears they have not charged .05 every day they list data use but I can't really figure out how much they charged for any given use/date? It does appear that they aggregate all the data used on a given day, I think?

Can anyone assist in helping me finding the answer to how much 2kb costs, 81kb etc.?

My only other thought is to file a complaint with the FCC? FTC? so maybe someone in Miami will answer how much they are deducting from the account, how their rounding works and if rounding is based on total use per day/24hrs.