How much in payments will it take?

It isn't the question whether you feel treated badly or not. All of us have had issues - all of us. The question is about whether you feel it is a scam or not and how much gold redeemed will make you feel like it isn't.

I say all customers who are still with cellnuvo at this point think it is not a scam. Even Hungry-Hog. Most of us are in
the 0-25% range. We all hope to get more from cellnuvo and anyone who thinks it is a scam would be long gone.

People like Hungry-Hog feel treated badly. You are wasting your breath to try to help him and others like him. He doesn't want to put any more work in which is fine. But we all know if he wants more there are options he can take. Some would rather moan to a bunch of nobodies than to do something about it. Perhaps he feels like future options like amazon redemptions would give him a greater chance of success with less work.

I've redeemed about 10-20% and despite the roadblocks feel it isn't a scam. It has been good to get something out of it. I just wish they can get their act together and let us redeem consistently month to month without issues. I don't mind a limit as long as it works every time and within 48 hours.

I think it is a scam. But I hope not. My current mental status is typical of a scam victim's. Most scam victims deny the reality when they realize they have been scammed, some even add more investment to reinforce their belief, hoping that they can even it out in case things turn out to be right.