How much in payments will it take?

How much will it take in payments from cellnuvo for you to be satisfied that cellnuvo is not a scam?

There seems to be many people here getting payments now. Although some have found it easy others like me have found it hard. By going to support for every payment for a minimum of a week plus.

That being said, I am still getting payments.

So since we all have different balances. I will ask the question in percentage.

From your current balance what percentage do you need to be satisfied. That cellnuvo is not a scam. Of course something could be said that it not run very smoothly. Promises of Amazon have still not come true. Having to talk to support for every payment. Is just a couple of examples

It is very easy to be negative and saying that the sky is falling. But we all must remember that we invested $0 here.

Remember some posters here were telling us that we were never going to receive $1. That cellnuvo was on the verge of bankruptcy. Those claims have been debunked.

So there has to be a percentage that will make you happy or satisfied. To make you more comfortable with the time that you spent with cellnuvo.

For me that number would be 10%. What is your number?

100%, but I would accept 50%, though I have proposed 10%. For next it is still impossible.

Next = me


Did you ever get any payments?

I also had issues

My only advice is to keep trying.

10% Huhh. If someone told me that they would pay me $10 an hour for clearing their lot of weeds, and it took me 10 hours to do so with that someone observing, I would certainly think that I had been scammed, or whatever word one wants to use, if I was paid only $10 instead of the promised $100, particularly if I had to continually struggle to even get that mere $10. Thus JoJack's 100% seems to be correct, to me.

How many gold you have? I forgot.

I have less than 1 now. How many gold do you have?

100 percent of one gold seems correct. I can understand why you would want 100 percent.

How many gold you have?

It would take 0% payout to convince me that it's not a "scam".
With 0%, or 10%, or 50% payout, I would believe it's a failed business, or on it's way to failure. A business can fail without being a 'scam'.
At the present time, I believe it's a business that's teetering on the brink.

For the record: about 15% of my accumulated Gold has been payed out.
"Cashing out" large balances in a short order wasn't really envisioned in the way CN was set up (with the exception of the vague promises of phone purchases)- it was expected that we would use Gold regularly, in relatively small increments.

No, not even a penny.

I have about 330 golds in the shithole.

In my opinion
You need to be persistent. If you spent half the time on getting payments as you do in this forum. You would have payments

There you go again... Begging is not part of this business. I could get more by begging in Walmart parking lot.

Besides, I will have to beg redpocket to reopen my account, and beg cellnuvo to fund my account before my account is close, and beg again next month. They failed me already. You are not kidding me. I would rather go through the civil procedure.

What civil procedure? No basis in law. What is the precedent?

Persistence is not begging

No basis in law? No logic in your argument.

Do you even know what precedent means? In addition, the contract law won't operate in absence of a precedent?

Persistency in begging is still begging.

Sure I understand the meaning. I asked you to provide a older case that proves you would win a civil action.

Hungry-Hog, that seems like a lot of hassle and it's reasonable to expect nuvo to be no hassle.