How much $$$ do you think cellnuvo owes users

Any guesses on how much cellnuvo owes users?

Also did Cellnuvo cheat their landlord , electric and employee's?

At least Stephanie could come in here and tell us the truth.



No. No. No.

Not her job.


I agree that it's not in Stephanie's wheelhouse to explain anything to users at this point. Regardless of whether or not she desires to do so, this is something that belongs to management or owners. (And I doubt Stephanie is still there to sweep up the mess, either.)

It was in Stephanie's wheelhouse to handle some customer interface-- and the couple of times I communicated with her, I found her pleasant, proactive, and relatively efficient (even if not fast to respond). I wish her well.

Ummm, Stephanie is a he, LOL.
AKA Tom or Tom's Butler...