How Many is too Many?

Some people collect stamps, I seem to collect cell phones. And I want all my phones activated so they can be used if needed. That's why I use CellNuvo, FreedomPop, FreeUP, Tello, Truphone and RedPocket to achieve real working phones at very low prices. So here is the main stash:

1. Pixel = Red Pocket (paid by CellNuvo)
2. Samsung S7 edge on FreedomPop
3. Nexus 4 on Truphone (free incoming talk and text)
4. Iphone 4s FreedomPop
5. Iphone 4 FreedomPop data only
6. Iphone 5c on Tello
7. Sprint Boost on Tello (pay go)

Then I use an Obi 202 and google voice for free home phone with as the 911 provider and CallCentric as a backup DID
I also have an Ooma (that I won in a contest for the title of Mr. Thrifty) that I currently don't have activated.

Have I fallen off the deep end? Do I need an intervention? I hope not because I sure do enjoy all of it!


I've got more than double that number. :slight_smile:

In fact, now that I add them up-- I've got triple that number. And they're all active.

@Frasier-----Intervention: probably not. I'm certain that there are others who have a stash of phones far exceeding your amount. But if someone does want to intervene on your behalf, they have many ways to contact you.

I will take a Galaxy S7 in exchange for a Galaxy s3 supper phone

I'm definitely in the club! Have to show this thread to my wife, so she can see that there is some more weird people out there :slight_smile:

Maybe better than having an entire basement filled with model train stuff ?!?

Those trains may be worth more than your investment in the future. Cellphones? Doubtful.

Could be - I have neither, and:
My personal measure for usefulness regards what actually gets used vs. what does not.
This comes of having known way too many hoarders (and currently living with one).

A basement full of model train stuff (IMO) is highly useful if it provides its owner with happiness to be had from its actual usages - as opposed to simply being yet another place for dust to pile up.

Having piles and piles of collected stuff that doesn't even get touched, let alone actually used.
(My partner literally has tonnage of unused, untouched krap & will acquire more at any opportunity; Sadly, I am a neatnik & prefer to give stuff away that remains unused...opposites attract ?? Bleah.)

Just 7 phones Fraiser1? You are a lightweight.

"My name is Chosen, and I'm a phone-oholic".....twelve phones, all active. Nice to know that I'm not alone!

There is no such thing as too many. My count is 102.

Currently have 17 devices in active service, and a few sitting around. For the most part they get handed off to others after a couple years.

Hi, Chosen!

Sorry guys that I dont post much on here currently,

But I use to collect alot of phones when RingPlus was still active, because the free plans were amazing. Many thanks to you guys though, I am down to just an amazing dual sim smartphone and a mobley hotspot. Couldnt be happier! :slight_smile:

Weirdo. :wink:

Glad you found the power to get a grip on your phone collection, and maybe now you can serve as a sponsor to others on this thread, if so desired.:unsure:

Thank you for this. I was afraid to even try to count mine, for fear I might be the highest. At least one fear can now be laid to rest.

KentE can you check your message. I have hate mail for you. If you have too many unlocked gsm phones could you gift me a few pieces?