How many golds have you made since the service disrupt?

i have to admit that i am a big sucker because i made about 60.

none, because I set my phone back to factory to try to get it to work
Now I don't have an activation code

Latest app

use code- nuvo

Enter in the details asked for

app version 2.61, I believe.
I haven't needed to re-authrize , but I think I remember reports that it needs the original CellNuvo phone number, even if a different number has been issued by Red Pocket?

Correct! To reinstall and re-activate CN app on phone: Enter email that you used for that account then original phone number that was assigned to you, then last 4 digits of DEC MEID number. Note that's DEC Meid NOT Hex Meid.

None. Well, probably about 40 silver when just testing if the app worked or not.

Did you use your CellNuvo Gold? :wink: