How many gold do you have?

100 gold = $200 = 365 days of service?

PAYGO ( Double Minutes at Launch)
PAYGO (Double Minutes at Launch). $200 PayGo Credit valid for 365 days. $0.10 per minute or SMS message

where did u get this info from?

Not sure if I this offer applies to payments in Gold for the CN Infinity plan but it does show up on the refill page.

As far as I know, the yearly PayGo option is not available through CN. It's not on the list of options on the CellNuvo website. (And if it was available, I can't imagine the purpose of buying it compared to the Infinite plan.)

Good point. I wonder how one would pay actual money to top-up (if/when we run out of gold and are too busy to swipe or we get a dry spell for ads)... does not look like we have that option on the App, right? Do we just go one RedPocket site and load money there?

For now, signing up with Red Pocket would seem to be the only option if you run out of gold. I have to think that CN is working on restoring the website interface, and will be able and willing to sell gold to those who need it.