How good/bad is Newegg?

Have any of you bought anything from Newegg? Is it reliable? I noticed they have different sellers, so it seemed to me more like eBay - does that mean it all depends on which seller you buy from? What happens with returns, if something needs to be returned?

Please help, I have never bought anything from Newegg before. TIA.

More like going to Walmart site. Walmart sells but also allows other sellers. I just filter by seller, Walmart only.

That said I've bought from newegg a few times (not a seller on their site) including an LG tv many years ago, and it has been OK. I've read that their return policies are not as friendly as some but don't have any experience with a return to them.

Don't buy much from them anymore, but have spent thousands in the past when I was building computers. Never an issue with them - they are reputable and been around for a long time.

Haven't bought recently have have had no issues with them at all.

Be aware they let other sellers piggy-pack onto their platform so if you're buying from third-party YMMV.

I've been buying from Newegg for several years with no problems and have gotten some good deals over the years.
The company has been in business for about 20 years now.

Newegg has become known as a company that fights "patent trolls". Interestingly, some years ago the company gained a little fame for some success dealing with the patent trolls, which other companies had just put up with for the most part.