How Do You Organize Your Home Screen?

I don't know about y'all, but I'm pretty OCD about my home screen.

My rules are:

  1. Everything fits on one screen. No exceptions.

  2. Everything grouped into folders.

  3. All of my phones have the exact same layout.

  4. I use the Chrome widget to have all my bookmarks readily available-- like I'm used to using with my Chromebook.

  5. Use Home Screen + App Drawer style.

I watch TV channels from around the world so I have TV listings readily available from each of those places.

My "phones" bookmark folder has links to all of my cellular providers.

Not very well with this one: I guess this is going from the Sublime ( your phones ) to this Ridiculous older not so smartphone. But another screenshot of my smartphone.

I guess I'm a miminalist after all... not too much on my home screen, but that leaves more room for the background photo. :slight_smile:

Odd seeing a Puffin in Sedona, if that is in fact a photo of Sedona. In any case, nice photo.

Yes, they are quite rare there, but they sure help with using less data when I'm away from home or out on the trail.

Chelle writes:
"I don't know about y'all, but I'm pretty OCD about my home screen.

My rules are:

  1. Everything fits on one screen. No exceptions.
  2. Everything grouped into folders.
  3. All of my phones have the exact same layout.
  4. I use the Chrome widget to have all my bookmarks readily available-- like I'm used to using with my Chromebook.
  5. Use Home Screen + App Drawer style."

I guess I'm either not OCD, or more likely just have different obsessive rules...
I have several phones used for different purposes: My primary phone, a worksite phone (so I don't break or lose my best phone), a verizon-network backup phone (rarely used), and a couple of phones with FreedomPop SIMs that I use as work "toolbox" phones (loaded with some apps that are needed or handy only for my job.)

The homescreens are different for each phone, because I use them for different purposes.
My rules:

  1. Only the things I use regularly on that particular phone are on the homescreen. No exceptions. :wink: The rest go on a second screen.
  2. I use folders when it makes sense for my use, but I frequently just remove icons for things I don't use regularly (and fetch from the app list.)
  3. My phones all have different homescreen layouts-- although I put Google Voice and my preferred browsers in the same location on all.
  4. I like your idea- but I don't use a chromebook. Maybe I can use a similar concept.
  5. Not sure, but I think on some of my phones 'homescreen+app drawer" wipes out my second screen, which would violate my rule #1.

I've banned the camera icon from most of my homescreens, since I tire of hitting it by accident and waiting for it to load before I can close it. Chelle, do you hide the camera somewhere on your homescreen?

Homescreen+app drawer still allows you to have additional home screen pages. I just have a strong preference for having only one.

I don't take a lot of pics with my cellphones so I just go into the app drawer for the icon when I need it. No exceptions. :wink:

:slight_smile: LOL I didn't know your home screen was organizable! The grandkids wrote our guide to facebook for the holidays 2 years ago . I guess we will have to ask for a grandparents guide to android for the holidays.:slight_smile:

@Chelle & all: How can you save your Android home screen layout to reutilize on new and/or secondary devices?

I've had issues several times over the years where my entire home screen mysteriously disappeared and reset to default. Other times individual icons disappeared and I had trouble identifying which ones they were.

I've had that happen, too. Very frustrating!

Unfortunately, I use the brute force method to create the home screen on each of my devices.

Sorry; I'm veering off topic; but since the experts are present ; I have been stymied at every turn trying to take a screenshot with my moto g4:( . Not a darn thing happens when I hold down the power and volume down buttons at the same time. What am I missing please? I've been booted into safe reconfigure, do you wish a factory reset mode a couple of times already when I have held both buttons down for too long. YIKES!

You probably already know this:

"To take screenshot on Moto G, you can simply press and hold both the Power and Volume down key for about three seconds. You will hear the camera shutter click. Then, the screenshot is saved into your Gallery.

The trick is to press and hold the two buttons (see Moto G layout here) simultaneously.

If you press power button too early, you will get power options.

If you press power button too late, you will get volume options."

The simultaneous part is the hard part, I guess, but why?

EDIT: Another way is to press and hold the home button on your screen until the Google assistant pops up and then say or speak "take a screenshot" and it should do so like it did on my Moto phone. You'll have to look in your photo albums to find the screenshot.

@als, I do believe that @Isamorph is correct that the key to success is to be sure the "power" and "volume down" buttons are pressed down simultaneously, not one after the other, and held down for exactly the same amount of time until you hear the little "click" and see the photo whisk itself away and turn into a notification icon on the upper left corner of your screen. I, too, had a heckuva time getting this right when I first got my G4, but with plenty of trial and error (mostly error at first) and some practice, I got the hang of it.

Good luck -- and please post a screen shot soon! :slight_smile:

my phone requirements:

home screen

  • 1 personal picture/background
  • no clock, no widgets. only clock is upper right in status bar
  • 7 apps only. going down the left side only; calculator top left; kik ( only app ferocious jr txts on) , camera bottom left. going across the bottom from L to R; phone, chrome, built in messages app, and applications button. any other apps go in the apps button/list
  • only notifications allowed, gmail; fb messenger
    App List
  • 3rd place & last place is reserved the rest is a free for all. if i have 3 "pages" i start deleting.
  • every contact has their own ringtone mainly from my sd cards downloaded music list. inner circle people have their own ringtones that i associate with them. work people have all the same ring tone except the boss, that one is different. finally have 1 tone for all other calls.
  • i delete the big google search bar assistant 1st off. all google apps go in the google folder with the exception of chrome and that folder is always in the 3rd place in the apps list . i disable photos, music, play movies gboard but never delete.
    Provider Apps
  • all apps "provided to me as a courtesy" from my provider are dumped into a folder and dumped on the last page of my app list
    Do not disturb
  • scheduled every night 11pm-6am. only 3 are on allow, youngest brother, ferocious jr, middle sister. the rest can wait till 6am.
  • is always the same numerical password for all of my phones, past and present. screen locks, message passcode, reset passcode.
  • from activation/buy date to replacement day it lives in an ebay purchased phone case with a cost of no more than $10 including shipping, hello chinese knock offs*
  • i consider it time to charge at 55%*
  • once i activate it, it isnt turned off unless A) the update/provider forces it B) until its replaced*

im not sure if this is me being an ocd person, or if this makes me a very laxed person with my phone.