How do you handle the no items issue?

I try to print coupons but when I tap save as PDF it shows an empty drawer saying no items, which means that I can't print.

Can you be more specific about where you would save, what you're tapping, etc?
I remember it being confusing about the exact process, but I've done it enough for it to be automatic.

You need to have somewhere to save to. Some of us save to Google Drive (which must be installed on your phone from the Play Store, if it's not already there.) Some had FUP set up a path to save locally on your phone.
I had a confirmation email sent from the coupon site, with a one-time use code that needed to be entered to 'verify' a printer.

Assuming you're that far: When you tap the + sign on a coupon offer, the counter in the upper right should change to "1 coupon ready for printing".

Tap Print. That generates a preview of a pdf page.

The printer dialog (designating the pdf printer, paper size) should be auto-selected & does not need to be changed. (Don't use the drop-down menus to confirm or change if it already says 'PDF'.)

Tap the small circular icon of a tiny document at the upper right corner of the preview screen. That should bring up a dialog box at the bottom to change the file name, and a file explorer view that shows the existing content of your pdf folder. I tap on that box & rename the file to today's date +something, and hit 'Save'.

The program should change to a screen saying "Your coupon has printed successfully".

I think it is due to my low speed internet. Thanks.