How do the E-Checks work?

I'm just about done with CellNuvo for now. I am strongly considering cashing out some of what I have accumulated and opt for the E-Check. Does it have to be printed from the email and taken to the bank? Can I go to the bank and show the email with the check to them on my phone? Is there an account number and RTN that can be used to transfer the funds to my bank online, without even going to the bank?

I plan to only cash out some but not all, just in case CellNuvo finally pulls things out of the gutter in the near future.


It works just like any other check. You can print it out, cut out the check and then go to your bank, endorse the back and deposit it.

Or deposit it using your bank's app on your phone. That is what I have done and it works fine.

Agree with @mmfacemm's post above. I, too, had absolutely no problem using e-deposit for my e-check on my local banking institution's app.

Hope everything goes smoothly for you, too. Good luck and enjoy your earnings!

Thanks for the replies. Actually we have 2 accounts here in the family that I will be using to cash out. Won't be closing the accounts though in case things take a turn for the better and we can start building the accounts back up.