How do I use my Gold to get RedPocket service?

I have read most of the posts here on Nth Circle and I can't seem to find out how to get Red Pocket service without paying for the first month myself. I would prefer not to use my money when I have CellNuvo Gold to spend.

I currently do not have a mobile plan with Red Pocket. I have checked my phone and it passes their service check. How do I use my Gold to get a phone plan with Red Pocket?

Does anyone know how to obtain Red Pocket's yearly plan on Ebay or Amazon and have CellNuvo pay for it?


Wonder what speed the $249 plan defaults to after using up the 2 gb data...

I think it depends on what network you choose.

I can answer that. It is zero speed. No 2g on redpocket.

But you can buy extra data if need.

Data add ons $10 for 1gb or $5 for 250mb.

Unless this is something new and different

Ad says unlimited everything on the 249 plan

You are correct mark. Interesting if they changed their paradigm.

The $255 3g plan does not say unlimited data

Interesting indeed

I asked rp chat and yan said like u. Unlimited text and talk only. Just 2 gb. So i dont know.

Some plans have unlimited data and some don't.

Not the first time I have been told wrong info by rp chat. So who knows

The Red Pocket website lists a $30/mo plan that has 2G fallback, but only that plan. I think I remember when it first came out, it was only available on 2 carriers. Now, it indicates a choice of 4 carriers, but with 5 GB on AT&T, and 3GB on the other 3 carriers.
The 360 day plans with 2GB seem to be a variant offered only thru 3rd party vendors.

Yup . Anytime you see unlimited, you better read the fine fine fine print. And will still be confused

Update: now they say it has unlimited with slower after used up 2gb. So maybe they're transitioning to this .