How do I use/ connect a monitor to my smartphone

For now, my smartphone sim is my only internet connection possible. How can I connect to my larger monitor. What is the cheapest way for a a couple of weeks use.
I have a USB to HDMI connector.
Can I just buy a micro to USB, connect my USB to hdmi and rock and roll? Thanks

There is a lot of info on the internet about this, but the main assumption is that you have a phone that permits hooking up to a monitor, which many android phones do. If your phone has that ability, you will need the proper adapter depending on whether you have a HDMI or or VGA input to your monitor. Either adapter is fairly inexpensive I believe. If you have an iphone the story is a bit different. You can use a chromecast or Miracast if you want to mirror you phone screen on a tv.

I have always craved to get the itty-bitty phone screen onto a bigger screen - and options (sadly) are very limited.

It is important to know IF your particular phone is capable of sending its video to a larger screen via its micro USB to HDMI cable - only some do this, and of those, only some content is sent - not the screen 100% of the time.

There are Miracast TV dongles that plug into the TV's HDMI port & use the phone's output wirelessly from an app, but this too has limitations.

If all you need is internet connectivity from the phone - then why not look into tethering your PC to use that - it is a good way to get internet minus the screen size limitation...

There are multiple ways to use Android and/or phone on the bigger screen.
I've been watching this subject for a few years already, but most of the solutions which are complete are also really geeky ones - and/or have lag times that get really annoying, so I've always wished I could afford a phablet with a big screen to get the best of both worlds in a single device !!

Best Wishes !!

Thanks ,
Tethering would be optimal,but tethering is limited to 4 GB before slowdown while smartphone connection has 50gb before slowdown.
No way I'm going to get my 1040 done on the small screen of my phone. I,m just hoping for options to use my smartphone with sim brain to allow me to use my larger screen

You might look at an option like PdaNet+, which offers a workaround to enable tethering via WiFi or USB to a PC. I'm not an expert on this at all-- but I think part of the intended action of PDANet+ is to mask the reporting of tethered data from your provider. (Your 50gb cap would still apply.)
I know some folks here have experience with PdaNet+, and could offer better advice.

One of the advantages of tethering in your application (versus just getting a bigger screen attached to your phone) is that you can use any program you're used to working with on your PC, rather than having to actually crunch numbers on phone software.....

I agree with KentE as PdaNet is one of the many tethering options I've looked into.

Truth is (just from my POV), that there seems to be no really quick & easy way of doing it - tethering requires some amount of patience & fiddling & can be a bit on the techie side.

Maybe Chelle will pitch in here as she seems to be expert at such things - so perhaps she has a 'best of' way that she'll show us all which is also nice & simple ??

Good Luck !!