How Did You Pick Your Username?

Greetings, All,

Thanks to the efforts of @HungryGhost, Nth Circle is quite the forum! It has been great to see the variety of usernames used by all of us who post here, so I thought it might be fun to have a chance to share how we picked the names we are using.

Since I'm starting this thread, I'll go first. My wife and I used to love Diedrich Coffee out here in CA. We bought it regularly until Diedrich was bought out by Starbucks. She has found acceptable substitutes there, but none of them quite compare to what we used to get at Diedrich.

So... who else is ready to share the story behind your usernames? Looking forward to some more interesting stories... thank you!

This is going to have you at the edge of your seat:

I pulled my driver's license out of my purse, looked where it said, "First Name," and typed it into the little box.

That was it!

Sometimes, simplest is best. Good choice!

Ditto for your avatar. Do you miss moderating? What do you do instead to get your daily quotas of hassle and grief? :slight_smile: