How about a redpocket (cellnuvo) plan?

12 gold gets you 750 talk,text,data with unlimited 2g

Tpo and others did r+ specials

Why not cellnuvo

It might not be profitable for Red pocket to just give out 2g on lower allotment plans, so it probably won't happen. It's always about money after all.

Tpo did a r+ special. $7.99. For 250 talk,text,data and unlimited 2g

It is possible

I would imagine a special package is possible-- it would be more likely once CN's subscriber base builds up again.
But.... one thing we've learned from Red Pocket is that they're not particularly effective at managing special plans (or even their standard plans), and that "special plan" negotiations don't always work out the way the negotiating parties expected.

And.... another thing we've learned from the CellNuvo issue, and from the MVNO teams that have been good about chatting with users here & on Social-- even if something sounds like a good idea, and sounds simple, it may not be simple in the eyes of the MVNO making adjustments. (e.g., if Red Pocket doesn't already offer plans with 2G fallback, it might mean negotiating new terms with their carrier partners-- which may not be worth doing unless they think it will bring in enough additional business.)

I think a more likely 'special package' would include a mix of features that Red Pocket already offers. As an example, maybe a $8/mo package for 500/500/500, or 200/200/200 for $5, which would be around the same rates that RP already offers via ebay for 360 days plans-- but changed to a monthly or quarterly payment to mesh with CN's Gold-earning app.

The tpo and speedtalk r+ plans were intended to generate new customers. Not applicable here so probably no incentive for redpocket to create a new plan just for us. That would be spending time and resources for no gain. I don't think cellnuvo is big enough to be able to negotiate something for us. Yes some would like a decent paygo option. Some would like a cheap plan with 2g data. But I think we are stuck with what is available which is still pretty good.

Cellnuvo would love it but redpocket might not. Redpocket is a phone service provider not a software developer. It cannot modify its system for only a few extra dollars.

Tpo and others did

Yep, and it still might happen somewhere, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed, too.