Housekeeping: Telecom Sub-forums Updated

Hey everyone!

Long overdue... but I finally decided to tidy up the "Telecom" forum. I've created or updated these MVNO sub-categories:

[li]Red Pocket[/li]

[li]Mint Mobile (previously Mint SIM)[/li]

Coming soon (-ish?)

I'll eventually clean-up and archive the subcategories for MVNOs that are no longer with us (R.I.P.), such as: 4GCommunity, RingPlus, TPO, etc. That'll have to be in a future update, though.


Well done! Thank you!

TPO is still kicking, so don't get rid of them yet.

You should create an Nth Circle "cemetery" category for the MVNOs that have gone before us and that given their metaphorical lives so that we could have low cost cellphone service.

I second the motion! It's always good to honor our (cellular plan) predecessors and their sacrifices.

I think TPO can be merged into the other mvno category now.