Home Internet Data Use

Our usage of home Internet data has increased about 42% since the lockdown began.

I track what my router reports on monthly usage.We averaged about 1.2 TB until the lockdown began. Our kids went fully remote, as did my spouse. I had already been remote for over a year prior to the lockdown.

When fall began, my kids are in school entirely remotely. Last month (October), we used over 1.7 TB. Because we are all at home, we hardly use our phone internet, so that usage is at most 1 GB a month. (That's why we have 1 Tello line, & 7 FreedomPop lines ("free" plan, but they charge us regularly for various reasons.))

Anyone else track their usage of internet generally notice your average usage increase 40%+?

I haven't tracked usage, but I know our 2-person retired household has consistently used more data since the pandemic began. The 42% increase would appear to be in line with the Covid-19 Internet dashboard linked below. I was a bit surprised by the increase in upstream traffic until I realized video conferencing uses a lot of bandwidth.

Nothing has really changed for us.

If you don’t mind, how much does it cost you per month and who is your provider? TIA.

Google Fiber, $55/mo, 500mbit. I believe it's $75/mo for 1gbit and $100/mo for 2gbit. Internet only, no TV or phone. We're fortunate to live in an area where we have 4 providers compete for business - Comast/Xfinity, AT&T Uverse, Google Fiber, & Consolidated Communications (also fiber).