I recently stumbled upon this cell phone service, which is not an MVNO but a seller of sim cards and deals from Verizon, AT&T, T Mobile, and Cricket Wireless. They appear to have some decent deals, and it appears this company has been around for a few years. Has anyone had experience with them?


Never heard of them before. Glanced at their T-Mobile plan prices (kind of pricey) and went no further.

All plans have 50% markup. For single line users it will be OK. Can not match what you can get with a family plan. I will go with Red Pocket if I am a single line user though.

I thought the $74 unlimited 4G LTE pan was not bad for people who could not get on the 55+ plan, where one of two phones would cost
$ 55 for the below plan.
"**** Fair usage data amount is 170 GB. If this is exceeded you will have a higher chance of experiencing deprioritization
TRULY UNLIMITED 4G LTE Data and UNLIMITED 4G LTE Hot Spotting from your phone, and as always you receive unlimited talk and text on T-Mobile's Towers!" No credit check.

This $74 plan is a disguised T-Mobile One with One Plus International add-on. If you sign up with single line, it will cost $95. I personally do not have this plan. I have a T-Mobile One Plus for $33 in a group account and I assume that I could get this One Plus International for $50 or below. My group still has about 5 spots open if you need one. Why pay retail if we can get the wholesale price as a group?

Thanks for the invite. But I'm going to put two phones on the 55+ plan and add the $25 T-Mobile One with One Plus International to one phone, for I want the unlimited 4G LTE hotspot that comes with it. I can see the new or beefed up T Mobile tower on the mountain near me, which now provides very fast speeds. I was contemplating the $74 above plan as a cheaper alternative to 2 phones on the 55+ plan. What's another $11 dollars, though, for a very good deal.