Help Please?. No sim shows when changing from gsm to pix wireless on moto e4

I am attempting to activate a moto e4 on pix wireless
I have a unlocked moto e4 purchased from motorola. US model cdma and gsm
Passes activation checks
Previously on tmobile.(I joined a tmobile postpaid family plan March to July 2018)
When i put the pix wireless sim in it doesn't show up
Pix wireless account shows activated ok
Pix wireless recommends a factory reset.
I would rather not factory reset if I can help it.
Has anyone here been through this?
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance

Check network mode is LTE/CDMA, reset network settings and try carrier reset (Dial ##72786# or ##72786## and follow prompts).

Thanks But: I can't access network mode or carrier reset since my sim card doesn't show.
Any other ideas?

Silly question: is your SIM oriented and inserted correctly?

@als Just to be sure we all understand, does your phone indicate "No SIM", or "invalid SIM", or ?

I hope it is that easy.
Please correct me if I am wrong. There is only one possible way for a sim to go in with the gold contacts down and the cut edges to the left?
@ Kent E. it shows NO SIM

Do you have another phone you can test the sim with. Sounds like maybe the sim is broken or the sim contacts on the phone or it isn't inserted properly.

Are you doing the sprint one or the other one (verizon?)

thanks. the only other phones I have are tello and tracfone/ verizon would any of these work to test? good idea.

I think if you put your SIM in either of those phones, you should see "invalid SIM" or similar. (An indication that the phone can read the SIM, but that it's not compatible with the phone.)

Alternately, if you put the Tracfone vzw SIM in the Moto E, it should confirm that the Moto E is capable of reading a SIM-- even if the Tracfone SIM isn't active. (The Tello SIM would probably serve the same function-- if one is the right size, pick that one.)

Thanks !
I will test tomorrow early ,
I've got the cold or flu from heck and am crashing early tonight

@als --- Hope you're better tomorrow. I suppose you have already tried this, but once when I was signed onto a $3 T-mobile plan, I couldn't get the phone working from the get go, and called CS and got the same info you did. Only when I powered off the phone, took out the sim, though it was inserted correctly, reinstalled the sim, and powered on the phone did it start working as it should. Why it then worked, I do not know. Also, probably unrelated, there was a big Verizon outage on the east coast yesterday where customers were unable to send texts, a problem that has now been corrected.

Pix wireless support answers quickly but has a 24 hour delay to pass issues on to technical support and then get back to you when you contact support by phone.
Support first suggested that it was a phone issue. Being able to tell support that the phone worked perfectly with the Tracfone Verizon sim was a game changer.(Thanks to all on this forum. I wouldn't have had a clue and been in support service hell forever)
Pix wireless requested a photo of both sides of the sim to verify that the sim was not damaged, then sent a new sim.
When the sim arrived with no instructions. I initiated an online determine what actions I needed to take . Pix wireless associated the sim with my phone. Voice, mms and sms all work perfectly after changing original settings from cdma evdo to lte.
Soteria this one is dedicated to you !!!!
First you tube streaming ever is Rolling Stones album Streaming Now 1: 42 minutes. Works perfectly on Pix wireless hotspot. I'm Rocking! Yeah!

Thanks ALL!!!!

Glad to hear you're up and running, als!
Has spring arrived yet in your cold & wet region? A working phone and no chills would be a pleasant combination.

I haven't been spending a lot of time on the forum.
I'm so glad I checked in. Lol :slight_smile:
I miss you all when I stay away.
I hope that you are feeling better, and that your family is in good health.

How about the Rolling Stones going on tour? I know it's been postponed, due to Mick Jagger`s health. I wish him well and hope they can continue.:slight_smile: