Help needed - my FP phone number "has been recycled"

Does FP charge to give a new phone number? It said today that my FP number had been recycled so I should get a new number. Will they charge me for a new number? And does anyone know how much?

(I actually use hangouts but hangouts has a tendency to act up, and FP's phone number is my backup way to be reached. That's why I need the FP number that comes with the FP Messaging app). (Did that make sense at all?)

Anyhow, any help/advice much appreciated.

I've been able to get new # (after porting my FP number out) for free.

I don't believe there's any charge for a new number.
From what I've read, once a number is recycled, the only option is getting a new number-- they will not restore the old number.

If you have an LTE SIM, & want to keep it from happening again, you'll need to make some calls via the FreedomPop messaging app.
I don't think calling via the app is a requirement for Sprint devices or Global SIMs, but the line can still be suspended if you don't have at least minimal data use.

OK so with my number recycled, here's what it says when I click on their link to get a new number -- "FREE with any FreedomPop service purchase".

Please help me translate that! Is it free to get the new number, or does FP want me to sign up for one of their services?

I am hesitant to go ahead. Don't want to mess up anything. Anyone here come out of this recycled-number rigmarole with a free new number?

Yeah, this was a Global sim. I used it only to donate data to my AT&T sim. Now with the max 500MB friends limit, I couldn't even use it to donate data. Never used it to make any calls. I guess that's why the number got "recycled"

I haven't seen any FreedomPop statement that calling via the Messaging app is a requirement on the Global SIM-- which is a good thing, because I've found it very difficult to actually do so. (You have to dial as if the US phone number you're calling was an international call-- and my contacts list persists in correcting my "mistake".)

I think it's more likely that a lack of use of the SIM caused the issue. The more common reaction to non-use would be to place the SIM in hibernation, though, and I haven't seen the same thing you're seeing. If they are requiring calling on a Global SIM, I imagine I will see the same thing soon.

The older FP policy didn't require calling at all-- it simply required data use, either via calling or for any other purpose. That seems to be changing due to the ads placed in the dialer, as they seek to monetize parts of the service.

That is strange phrasing-- but FreedomPop is known to phrase things to give the impression that you must spend money for things that don't really require spending. In your position, I'd click through the new number request, and see if it stalls out without some purchase. If it fails, try the parallel site before giving up. (If you're logging in on, try logging in on, or vise versa.)

Thanks KentE, will have to try that. Is there a chance that FP will just go ahead and charge a number-change fee to my credit card?

peterquinn, I haven't done this (requested a new number) under exactly the same circumstances, so I can't be certain.

I have tried to do a search on FP's forum, using terms such as "recycled number" and "lost number". (The search function works reasonably well, with the expected sifting of subjects that don't really match your inquiry.) I did find these threads, which seems to match your situation exactly, but isn't overly long on details. Note that the posters 'Karina' and 'Alejandra G' are forum admins (FP employees, and well respected as helpful).

Both admins indicate there will be no charge for getting a new number. (And both threads are from this year, with the second one from September.)

"Both admins indicate there will be no charge for getting a new number. (And both threads are from this year, with the second one from September.)"

Thank you KentE! Will definitely try this! Will report back!